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Adminimize WordPress Plugin


Do you think, that WordPress admin menu is overloaded? Are there a lot of WordPress admin menu items, which you never use or use from time to time only? Do you ever dream to make your WordPress admin menu little lighter, shorter, easier to use? If Yes, you are on the right way, as due to Bueltge’s respectable efforts WordPress community has free WordPress plugin called, as you have guessed already, A-a-a-d-mini-mize!!!
May be I’m not so good ring fights announcer, but “Adminimize” is one of the plugins, which worth to try that :). With help of “Adminimize” plugin you can setup your own admin menu items list. It is as easy as just a few mouse clicks. Go through correspondent checkboxes, turn on checkboxes for those menu items, which you do not wish to see and your WordPress admin backend menu will be changed accordingly.
“Adminimize” changes menu staff on per user role basis. Decide, for what role you wish to change WordPress back-end menu and select, what menu items to exclude from menu for that role. Press
“Update Options button” to save your choice. Relogin under user with role, for which you changed menu and see, that show goes on – it works, really.
WordPress menu minimization with Adminimize

WordPress menu minimization with Adminimize

Attention! You should know that this menu change is visible update only for your and your blog users convenience. “Adminimize” just hides menu items from users. It does not block access to them. What does it mean? Even if user doesn’t see some menu item, like ‘Pages’, he still is capable to insert into browser needed link, e.g. “”, and get access to the hidden functionality.
Do you wish to know how block menu items as real security measure? Read this posts:
How to block WordPress admin menu item;
WordPress admin menu permissions.

“Adminimize” provides more functionality, than just simple admin menu items hiding. It is capable to hide or deactivate a lot of WordPress interface elements, which you consider redundant, unneeded or excessive for your purposes. There are set of separate sections, which are responsible for the different WordPress interface elements, look on screen-shots below:

Adminimize backend changing options

Adminimize backend changing options

WordPress global interface change options with Adminimize plugin

WordPress global interface change options with Adminimize plugin

You can even change dashboard elements list globally and on per role basis again:
WordPress dashboard elements deactivating with Adminimize plugin

WordPress dashboard elements deactivating with Adminimize plugin

The same is available for so called “Write Options” for posts and pages separately. It is not full list of options, just the very begin of it:
Change WordPress Writing Options with Adminimize plugin

Change WordPress Writing Options with Adminimize plugin

It is possible to modify presentation of Links page with “Links options” section, WP Menu page with “WP Nav Menu options” section. You can setup admin theme options for group of users at once with “Set Theme” section. And, finally, Adminimize plugin can export settings, you made for this plugin, to the file and import them later. It’s useful to reproduce needed environment at other site or during site restore after some crash or accident.

Keep a good work, Frank. Thank you.

P.S. Review is done for version 1.7.27 of Adminimize WordPress plugin.

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  • Frank Bültge

    Thanks for the post and the praise about my plugin which an to fast development; I will rewrite the plugin for my own code requirements; I’m not happy with the source, I will use Hooks and OOP PHP style for the plugin — but the time is current to small and the plugin to big.

  • Yes, I feel the same about source code of my own plugins. Free time for development became very critical resource recently. You spend it by fixing bugs, adding some new functionality, and birthday of your new nice, professionally re-written in OOP manner PHP code for already existing WordPress plugin is postponed again and again. That’s my reality :).
    Thanks, Frank, for sharing your plans.

  • vishal

    I am new to word-press someone install and update a wp site for me. there is a plugin named Adminimize. accidentally i hide setting and its option along with Adminimize from the admin to. please help me get that back.

  • Adminimize requires that ‘manage_options’ user capability will be allowed for the user. Check if this capability is included into your user role. You may use “User Role Editor” plugin for that