edit_files WordPress user capability

edit_files is deprecated WordPress user capability

deprecated capability

edit_files WordPress user capability introduced into WordPress since version 2.0 is not used anymore. It is added into current WordPress database schema for backward compatibility purpose with old themes and plugins, but no one line of WordPress core code uses this capability to take real decision about user’s permissions, allow or prohibit some operation.
Thus, I classified edit_files capability as deprecated and show it at User Role Editor plugin similar way as other deprecated capabilities like ‘level_1’, ‘level_2′, etc., that is hidden by default.
To see deprecated capabilities list at User Role Editor turn on “Show deprecated capabilities’ checkbox at the top of role editor form.

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  • chopinwood

    I’m not able to enable editing of images in the media libary. For example, I’ve created a “Page Author” that can edit/delete/publish their own pages, + upload files. However they cannot edit the files they’ve uploaded. Is this a wordpress limitation? Other than this snag, I’m very pleased with the work you’ve done on the plugin… it is very intuitive to use.

  • Hi Paul,

    In general, ‘read’, ‘edit_posts’ & ‘upload_files’ is enough for user to have ability to edit his own items in the Media Library. Show a screenshot of the “Page Author” role you created. I will check.


  • chopinwood

    Thanks for your reply. I see that the media library is controlled by “posts” permissions. My “Page Author” did not have any posts permissions.

    On a slightly different function, it would be nice to have more control over the libary, but I know this is a limitation of wordpress. For example: If you want someone to be able to use the images in the library, but not upload to it, I don’t see a way.
    Upload_Files is all or nothing – if you want a user to use the library, there’s no way to stop uploading. Yes by limiting “posts” permissions you can stop the deleting/editing of images, but not uploading.

  • I agree with you about current limitations of access model for Media Library. Thanks for for sharing your ideas/suggestions.
    I will investigate if it’s possible to add something similar above of the existing Media Library permissions.

  • chopinwood

    While you’re investigating… 😉
    It would also be nice to have control over menus & widgets independently… which now are tied to edit_theme_options.
    It seems logical (to me) that if someone can manage pages, they should be able to manage menus as well. Thanks again!

  • It is possible with Pro version of User Role Editor:
    Include ‘edit_theme_options’ to the role, then block extra submenu items under Appearance menu for that role:

  • chopinwood

    Ok cool. I’ll check into it. Thanks again!