NetBeans IDE for PHP 7.1 available

NetBeans IDE for PHP 7.1

NetBeans IDE for PHP 7.1

Today, January 5th, 2012 team announced, that NetBeans IDE 7.1 released. Congratulations!
I use NetBeans as my main integrated development environment to work with PHP. So, I downloaded it just got the notification email from What is first impression? First impression is right the most of the time. On my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installation was smooth and fast. After 1st start NetBeans as usual asked permission to import settings from the previous installation. Finally, it started and worked as it should. The main part – debugging with FireFox browser still works. So I can continue my Web development work under this version.
Small negative – I don’t know where the reason, but I caught the situation, when NetBeans editor window lost cursor focus. I met such bug earlier with some of beta versions. So, its not good to see this old friend again, in 7.1 release. There is nothing to do here, just wait next update. Moreover, I know workaround to it :). If you lost your cursor in NetBeans editor window, just minimize it, and maximize again or, more quick decision, click on any menu item and back to the editor window – NetBeans editor will catch its cursor back. Happy PHP coding, my friends!

More details about new features of NetBeans IDE for PHP 7.1 is published here.
As earlier you can downloads NetBeans IDE from this link.

Next day update: After trying to work in version 7.1 and losing editor cursor every time I switch to other application, well, minimize-maximize clicks restore it, but how much time you can do it, instead of work ;), so I decided to return back to old 7.0.1 friend. And let’s wait the update, may be 7.1.01?

What is your experience with latest Netbeans 7.1 on Ubuntu, JDK 7?

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  • Jeff Rubinoff

    Have you posted a bug report about loss of cursor focus at

  • Right question. Thank you, Jeff. 
    Why do you wait while somebody else makes bug report for you and do not post it yourself? It is a question, which I asked to myself after reading your question. Yes. I post a bug report a couple minutes ago, ID=207045. When I make description for this bug report I found more quick workaround – click on any NetBeans menu item and back to the editor window restores its cursor.

  • Lanzorg

    What should I install (JRE6, JRE7, JDK7, OpenJDK7) Netbeans to run PHP on Ubuntu? Is there a script or PPA to update Java?

  • I didn’t try that myself, as I have installed JDK 7. But according to
    “Java 6 is required for installing and running the PHP and C/C++ NetBeans Bundles”. So JRE could be enough.
    Generally, there is no difference between java packages in purpose of running NetBeans for PHP. I started from OpenJDK, then switched to original Java package from Sun (Oracle) now. If you install Java from registered repository via Synaptic you will get updates for it automatically.

  • Arsham

    The cursor focus problem is jdk related.
    If you use jdk6 you won’t face this problem, but as soon as you install jdk7 again, this problem gets back, and it’s annoying.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. It has sense. After switching from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 12.04 I have not cursor problem with the latest NetBeans for PHP. But I have java installed on a new Ubuntu box really.