NetBeans IDE for PHP 7.1 Beta

NetBeans for PHP 7.1 Beta

NetBeans for PHP 7.1 Beta

Developers of popular free NetBeans IDE announced at, that version 7.1 beta (including PHP support) is available.
What’s new this version offers for PHP developers? According to official release information page web developers can find this enhanced features in upcoming 7.1 release: Support for CSS3, Code completion and documentation for new CSS3 elements, Browser specific properties, Improved PHP debugging, PHPUnit test groups capabilities, Support for Smarty templates, Faster uploads with keep-alive for (S)FTP client.
Let’s take a closer look at NetBeans version 7.1 Beta.
As PHP developer I interested in improved PHP debugging first. After installation I started NetBeans 7.1 beta and start debugging session with script execution stop at breakpoint successfully. For the first quick look I didn’t find any differences with version 7.0.1 and you?
NetBeans 7.1 Beta PHP debugger

NetBeans 7.1 Beta PHP debugger

May be PHP debugging improvement is totally hidden under hood of NetBeans? That’s possible. I found a couple of new PHP debugging options. Let’s compare corresponding dialog windows from version 7.0.1:
NetBeans 7.0.1 PHP debugger options dialog

NetBeans 7.0.1 PHP debugger options dialog

And version 7.1 Beta:
NetBeans 7.1 Beta PHP debugger options dialog

NetBeans 7.1 Beta PHP debugger options dialog

As you see PHP debugger options moved to the separate tab at upcoming 7.1 version and have some additions as ‘maximum depth of structures’, ‘maximum number of children’ which as I suppose can help to reduce CPU load and memory requirements, and ‘show requested URL’, ‘show debugger console’ which I didn’t note in work, may be they are still under development as we test just Beta version.
If you found how those new options work please share with us your experience.

For those who works with Smarty support for smarty templates is added. In PHP options dialog under Tools menu we see:

NetBeans for PHP 7.1 Beta Smarty template options dialog

NetBeans for PHP 7.1 Beta Smarty template options dialog

As earlier this powerfull Java based IDE supports popular version control systems, e.g. Subversion, etc., has own built in source code history tools and many other useful stuff (code refactoring, testing with use of PHPUnit, etc.) which could drastically enhance your coding productivity.,

Conclusion:According my 2 days test-drive Netbeans IDE for PHP 7.1 Beta is stable enough and ready to use product with some enhancements comparing to previous 7.0.1 version. Update to 7.1 release version is recommended.

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NetBeans IDE for PHP version 7.1 Beta is available for download at

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  • Grey2k

    Nice improvement in debugging,
    but  when  NetBeans  will be use  some  profiler to speed test PHP code? in 8 version ? :)

  • Vladimir Garagulya

    It seems that – possibly never.
    XDebug has built in profiler
    And there is tool for graphic presentation of result of its work – kcachegrind or wincachgrind.
    While they have advanced profiler for Java applications they can decide to not go on already occupied territory in case of PHP. One guy answered on the same question at netbeans forum in 2009: “I don’t see there’s much point developing something in nb that already works great outside”.