Platinum SEO 1.3.2. What is new?

Platinum SEO 1.3.2. What's new?

Platinum SEO 1.3.2. What's new?

Platinum SEO WordPress plugin version 1.3.2 was published at 13 February, 2010. It is a good news. It has a full enough set of options. It works good and don’t bother me with bugs. It don’t ask donations insistently as some others plugins can do. I like this plugin. And I was glad to get something new from its author.
ChangeLog note at says about some compatibility with WordPress 2.9.1 fix. What was incompatible with WordPress 2.9.1? What was changed in this plugin version really? Do you need to make upgrade for this version? Interested? Proceed reading.
I compared the files in the versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.2. What are the differences?
There are no any differences.

It is not the joke. I’m very serious. Just version number in the platinum_seo_pack.php is changed to the 1.3.2 and readme.txt contains information about WordPress 2.9.1 compatibility now. ChangeLog section has this information

= 1.3.1 =
* 2010-02-13 - Compatible with Wordpress 2.9.1

1.3.1 was put by mistake here I think. It should be 1.3.2.

It is time to ask plugin author, what’s the reason to assign a next version to plugin and force plugin users to make upgrade if there are no any updates in the code? If you,as the WordPress plugin developer, need to update WordPress version compatibility information and have not any code update you can update the readme.txt file only.
I’m sure: If you use the “Platinum SEO” plugin then you can skip its version 1.3.2.

February 15, 2010 new WordPress 2.9.2 was released. So we can see the next “Platinum SEO” WordPress plugin version 1.3.3. published soon. Just as the next WordPress version compatibility information update. Right?

As the little bonus for the reader, who doesn’t have much PHP knowledge or experience I put here the advice how to make your “Platinum SEO” plugin usage more secure.
By default “Platinum SEO” put its own comments text into final HTML generated by your WordPress blog. Pay attention on the text between <!– and –> HTML comment symbols:

<!-- platinum seo pack 1.3.2 -->
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow,noodp,noydir" />
<meta name="description" content="..." />
<meta name="keywords" content="..." />
<link rel="canonical" href="http://yourdomainname/" />
<!-- /platinum one seo pack -->

Visitor if look at your HTML source code can know that your site uses “Platinum SEO 1.3.2.” plugin. If some “Platinum SEO” plugin version has vulnerability, attacker could use it to get control on your site.
To remove that information from your blog pages, open the platinum_seo_pack.php file at your favorite text editor, find at the line #366 this code fragment

echo "\n<!-- platinum seo pack $this->version ";
if ($this->ob_start_detected) {
echo "ob_start_detected ";
//echo "[$this->title_start,$this->title_end] ";
echo "-->\n";

and comment this fragment wrapping it with new lines using /* and */ PHP comment characters. You need to get this code finally:

echo "\n<!-- platinum seo pack $this->version ";
if ($this->ob_start_detected) {
echo "ob_start_detected ";
//echo "[$this->title_start,$this->title_end] ";
echo "-->\n";

You removed just the first “<!– platinum seo pack 1.3.2 –>” line from your page header now. To remove the second “<!– /platinum one seo pack –>” one go to the line #1251 at the same platinum_seo_pack.php file, find this code and comment it with // characters.

echo "<!-- /platinum one seo pack -->\n";

That’s done. You removed unneeded “Platinum SEO” plugin comments from your blog pages header.

Next, if you decide to hide the “Platinum SEO” plugin usage, you may need to uncheck the "Link To Platinum SEO:" check box option at “Platinum SEO” option page.
If this option turned on then you will have the code below at the bottom of every page of your blog.

<small>SEO Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">Platinum SEO</a> from <a href="" target="_blank">Techblissonline</a></small>

Thanks, for reading.

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  • Rajesh

    Hey, i am the author of this plugin. You will have to upgradee the version and not just update readme.txt file. That is how wordpress works. Since wordpress was releasing more and more newer versions plugin developers have to release an updated version even if there is no change in code. Atleast be happy that the plugin developer keeps track of wordpress versions and changes and updated his plugin.But platinum seo does not release newer version as frequently as all in one.

  • Rajesh

    you guys try to find mistakes with everything but want everything free as well and don't want to give any sort of credits to developers…

  • shinephp

    Hi Rajesh!
    I think you agree that frequent and unnecessary releases can be used as the way of artificial raising of downloads rate. It is the 1st reason, why I don't like that. 2nd – Why me as the plugin user have to update the whole plugin staff just to get the updated readme.txt to the plugin folder? I can read it at :).
    Please, do not tell me that WordPress works this way. In such a case can you change just compatibility information in readme.txt and upload it to the plugin repository? Just do not touch plugin version. Yes, you can. visitors will see that new WordPress version compatibility information, and know that plugin author is still active :).
    Thanks for the comment,

  • shinephp

    Please do not be so angry :). I use Platinum SEO myself. I'm happy with it. I wrote a good review about your plugin here, comparing it with “All In One SEO” which I don't like for its aggressive behaviour in part of donation asking and advertisement.
    This post is just a proposal do not bother your plugin users without the real reason :). Thank you for the excellent plugin and hard work.


  • Rajesh

    Nope…Unless you update the version information, wordpress does not recognize the update.If I do like what you say, all new users will have the latest Readme.txt but the existing users will have a old readme.txt though everything else will be the same.The old readme.txt will read as being compatible only with an older version of wordpress.Withe wordpress releasing so many new versions these days, there are chances that the existing users will see a readme.txt that is compatible with only a older version of wordpress.Some of them may suddenly face isues due to changing their themes or using a new plugin which causes issues with platinum seo.then they immediately come back to my site and complain that i have not updated the plugin for the new wordpress version and things are now broken to him.In reality, things were broken because of changes that he had done recently and the plugin will very much be compatible with new wp version.

    To avoid the above confusions, and to make it very clear that platinum seo is regularly tested for newer wordpress versions, i will have to update the plugin version, if wordpress has newer versions.

    But be assured that I don't release platinum seo now and then to do the artificial download boosts that you are talking about.

  • shinephp

    Thanks for sharing with us your vision of the subject. I didn't look to it from this point of view. I thought that if I wish to know something about plugin I use, I would visit its page or home page and take the recent information about it. I agree with you that not all users have the same thoughts as me. And I understand you now. Finally, it is not the so large problem. Someone will just press “Update” button. Someone as stubborn as me 🙂 will skip current version…

  • Seo

    Thank you very much for this usefull seo information.

  • Starting to understand a bit more now… Thanks for keeping it simple!

  • Nick

    I worked with this seo plugin it work nice with good stability and have good performance while using..give good compability. thanks for sharing such nice information…

  • I use it about a year without problems. It just honestly does its work.
    Automatic changed link redirection feature is very useful when you should change the link to your post for some reason, e.g. typo, etc…

  • SEO Lexington KY

    I’ve heard about this plugin, it is as good as they say?

  • Thanks for your information:)