Platinum SEO WordPress Plugin versus All In One

Platinum SEO versus All In One

Platinum SEO versus All In One

Or why I switched my blog from All In One SEO to the Platinum SEO plugin

I used All In One SEO WordPress Plugin about a month. It worked good for me. Thanks to the author. But there is another side of the medal. What I don’t like from the very beginning it is the very aggressive and annoying donation requests and self-advertising this plugin shows on its Settings page. “I enjoy this plugin and have made a donation” checkbox uses some form of psychologic pressure on the plugin user to extort something from him. Is this plugin really free? I see that it is released under GPL (GNU General Public License) in the all_in_one_seo_pack.php file header. Do you agree that this is a freeware software? My doubts about it were very strong up to this moment. And finally when I had installed version 1.6.7 of All In One SEO I have no any doubts that this plugin is not really freeware. It is definitely adware software. Since version 1.6.7 you will see two large donation extortion and advertisement blocks at the top of the “All In One SEO” plugin Options page. Do I need to see something similar every time at my WordPress admin back-end when I need to change something in my blog SEO settings? No, I do not. That’s why this very popular WordPress plugin lost me as its user.

I started search the another decision for WordPress SEO optimizing. And I found this not so popular but very comprehensive Platinum SEO Plugin. It has full complex of options “All In One SEO plugin” has with some extra functionality. As extra bonus to the former “All In One SEO” plugin’s users it has special “Migrate from All In One SEO” option. With use of this option you can import “All In One SEO” settings into the “Platinum SEO” plugin with one click. I made it. I use this plugin now. It works good. If you don’t like those aggressive advertisement of “All In One SEO” Setting page, you can easily migrate to the “Platinum SEO Plugin”. Thank you, Rajesh, for the good work and courtesy in providing plugin donate link.
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