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27th December 2010, Plugins Language Switcher version 1.2 is published and available for downloads. The main change is that plugin is multi-user now. Every user with administrator privileges can select its own language to work with plugins.
Uninstall function is added. Plugin deletes its data from the WordPress database automatically when you delete it via WordPress ‘Delete’ link in the ‘Plugins’ submenu.
Plugin is tested with WordPress versions 3.0.3 and 3.1.
Check this post to read more about this plugin or get the download link.

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  • Siggi

    Hi. Just to let you know. Language Switcher crashed my sites when I upgraded them to WP 3.0.4. Got this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /var/www/virtual/MY.SITE.COM/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/plugins-language-switcher/plugins-language-switcher.php on line 134

    Had to delete the plugin through FTP to get access to my dashboard again.

    I would really like to use your plugin again.


  • Hi Siggi.

    Thank you for the signal. I will try to reproduce the problem, then fix it and return with the update.


  • I found the bug and fixed it. I did not see it during tests as it was not shown while other my plugin ‘User Role Editor’ is active :).
    Try “Plugins Language Switcher” version 1.2.1, please.

  • Sok Sophanarin

    Hi all. I try with this plugin already. this plugin can change language only title and some of text but now all the text in admin panel. please tell me how to translate all the text in English to French ? thanks for kind and help

  • Hi,

    Check this page
    or research Internet to find french translation file for WordPress, or make it yourself according to
    Then place language file to wp-content/languages folder. After that you should see your admin back-end in French if you select ‘French’ from the languages list at ‘Plugins Language Switcher’ plugin settings page.