Thank You Counter Button WordPress Plugin

Translations available

Dear plugin User, if you wish to help me with this plugin translation I very appreciate it. Please contact me via comment here or site Contact form, I will answer you by email.

Greetings and Thanks to

  • Omi for the ideas and help with new versions testing.
  • Whiler for the new ideas, source code contributions and new versions testing.
  • Simon for the excelent JQuery color picker.
  • Arne for setting page layout idea, html markup examples and good XML sitemap generator plugin.
  • DHTMLGoodies for the form input slider code.
  • Eric for the cute online button image generator.


  • 1.8.6 = 19.12.2013
    – CSS fix was applied for compatibility with WordPress default themes: 2012, 2013, 2014
  • 1.8.5 = 12.12.2013
    – Minor bug fixes
    – Spanish translation update. Thanks to Andrew Kurtis [WebHostingHub](
    – Some English grammar mistake fixes.
    – WordPress version compatibility information is updated to 3.8.
  • 1.8.4 = 19.02.2013
    – Link to Detailed Statistics page from settings shortcuts is fixed.
    – WordPress version compatibility information is updated to 3.5.1.
  • 1.8.3 = 20.10.2012
    – Fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability reported by Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP. ‘paged’ parameter sent to thankyou_statistics.php via GET request was not sanitized properly.
    – Minor code cleanup.
  • 1.8.2 = 22.05.2012
    – CSS update for compatibility with WordPress 3.4;
    – JavaScript code update: Reset counter bug was fixed. More universal button HTML elements selection is used. Previous one didn’t work if buttons numeration was started for some reason not from 1.
  • 1.8.1 = 07.04.2012
    – Lithuanian translation is added, thanks to Vincent G.
  • 1.8 = 02.03.2012
    – CSS classes (thanks_quant_for_post, thanks_total_quant_label, thanks_total_quant_value) were added to sidebar widget. Use it to make your widget more attractive.
    – Colon is removed from button caption. So add it manually to the button caption, if you need that.
    – RSS feed box was removed from the plugin Settings page.
    – Sidebar widget data could be filtered by category now. Just select needed category from the dropdown list at the widget configuration form.
    – Thanks from custom post types are shown in the widgets now.
    – TYCB plugin Settings form is updated (check your settings after version update, just in case they were changed suddenly 😉 ).
    – TYCB Statistics data tab is moved from Settings page to the separate menu item under Tools menu.
    – Button image is changed slightly when you hover mouse on it.
  • 1.7.4 = 16.01.2011
    – Chinese Simple translation is added.
  • 1.7.3 = 02.01.2011
    – Bug is fixed. If button is turned off on the home page [nothankyou] shortcode (if used) was visible in the post excerpt at the home page. Thanks to Whiler for discovering that.
  • 1.7.2 = 21.11.2010
    – Turkish translation is added.
  • 1.7.1 = 04.10.2010
    – Italian translation update.
  • 1.7 = 19.09.2010
    – You can use a single global thanks counter button beyond the posts and pages. Place this PHP code <? echo thanks_button(‘Thank You’, true); ?> somewhere on your blog page using theme files and you and your visitors will see it.
    – Uninstall cleanup feature (uninstall.php) is added: plugin deletes all its options and database tables .
    – Usage of deprecated since WordPress 3.0 staff is excluded. Plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 now.
    – news section is added to the plugin Settings page.
  • 1.6.9 = 30.08.2010 This is a recommended update.
    – XSS security hole in Javascript code is fixed. Thanks to Julio from for discovering and pointing me that.
  • 1.6.8 = 14.08.2010
    – Dutch translation was added.
    – Iranian translation was added.
  • 1.6.7 = 22.06.2010
    – Hungarian translation was added.
  • 1.6.6 = 20.03.2010
    – Belarusian translation was added.
  • 1.6.5 = 19.03.2010
    – Minor bug is fixed for the TYCB dashboard widget content filter hook “thanks_stat_dashboard_row”. Thanks to Whiler who found it. If you don’t use that filter hook you can skip this update.
  • 1.6.4 = 15.03.2010
    – Italian translation was added.
  • 1.6.3 = 13.03.2010
    This is a recommended update. Critical bug was fixed. TYCB widgets code could block blog work as PHP fatal error could occur due to conflict with some other plugins, e.g. wp-cumulus as had been discovered. Thanks to bgd for reporting about it.
    – Prefix ‘thanks’ was added to the constants names in the thanks_widgets.php to exclude possible name conflicts also.
  • 1.6.2 = 12.03.2010
    – German translation was added.
  • 1.6.1 = 30.01.2010
    – Fixed error which stopped the whole blog work if MySQL database error with TYCB plugin was encountered. The TYCB plugin doesn’t work only in such situation now.
    – Your blog tech information and MySQL database errors is written to the tycb.log file in order to help identify the problem if it exists.
    – Warning notice at admin page is added in case of MySQL error occurs during TYCB plugin installation.
  • 1.6 = 20.12.2009
    – Thanks data for Pages (which were hidden earlier) are shown at the Statistics and widgets now.
    – Pagination is added to the Detailed Statistics screen with IP list for the selected post. You can list and look all IPs from wich thanks were sent to your blog. There is no 35 records limit more.
    – Some code optimization is done for the Detailed Statistics page.
  • 1.5 = 06.12.2009
    – New Detailed Statistics screen with IP list for the selected post. Last 35 IP addresses of visitors who clicked button are shown with link to the IP to Country/Region/Town service page where you can check what country/region/city that IP (or any custom input IP) came from (contributed by Whiler).
    – Option to show shorcuts links to the right of the “Thank You” buttons for the logged in blog user with administrator rights. Shortcuts links allows to go to the plugin “Setting” page, open detailed statistics page for the current post, hide all shortcuts with one click (contributed by Whiler).
    – New content filters for widgets are added:
    ‘thanks_stat_sidebar_item’ filter allows to change content of every row at the sidebar TYCB widget;
    ‘thanks_stat_sidebar_total_quant’ filter allows to change content of total quant counter at the sidebar TYCB widget;
    ‘thanks_stat_dashboard_row’ filter allows to change content of every row at the dashboard TYCB widget (contributed by Whiler).
    – Bug fix: Reset post counter for the selected post links from the Statistics page did not work. It is fixed now.
  • 1.4.1 = 28.11.2009
    – Shortcode [thankyou] functionality is extended. You can include custom button caption to this shortcode optionally, e.g. [thankyou]YourCustomCaptionHere[/thankyou].
    – Bug fix: It concerned those only who showed more than one thanks button for post. In that case the only first button from that buttons set was updated without page refresh after visitor’s click.
  • 1.4 = 27.11.2009
    – Settings screen update 1: Live preview of the button and its caption style changes at the same Settings tab is realized. Every change if text, CSS styles, button size is immediately displayed in your browser.
    – Settings screen update 2: Two checkboxes added for more advanced management of button position for the multi-paged posts. You can now select where to show buttons: before – before 1st page only or before every page, after – after last page only or after every page of the multi-paged post.
    – Settings screen update 2: Two new buttons added into the Misc section: “Return to Defaults” – reset all settings to its default values, “Reset Counters” – reset on thanks counters for all post to the 0.
    – Statistics tab – Link to reset selected post thanks counter is added. Action is realised with AJAX use. Link to edit selected post is added.
    – You can show total quant of thanks now at the admin dashboard and sidebars widgets. Just check the correspondent checkbox in the widget parameters.
    – Shortcode [thanks_total_quant] is added. You can use it in your post to show the total quant of thanks visitor sent to your blog.
    – Slider control was added to the admin dashboard TYCB widget in order to help you change rows quant to show.
    – Minor fix to show ‘Thanks CB’ menu in the front-end ‘Settings’ menu with WordPress Admin Bar plugin, if it is installed and activated on your blog.
  • 1.3.01 = 18.11.2009
    – Testing ‘Thank You Counter Button’ plugin with WordPress MU is finished. We are proud to declare that plugin works with WP MU too.
    – Button was not displayed on the Home page inside the post’s excerpts for the multi-paged posts if button position was set to the ‘After’ only. This bug is fixed now.
    – Due to conflict with some other plugins are installed PHP warning message about problem with PHP session start was shown on the plugin Setting page. That warning (if exists) is hidden now.
    – Some typos are corrected in readme.txt file. Possibly new mistakes were added :), so do not hesitate to correct me, if typos still exist in this text or in the plugin text labels.
  • 1.3 = 16.11.2009
    – Thanks Stat sidebar widget: the latest or the most thanked post titles with total thanks quant on your blog sidebar. Select yourself what to show via widget settings. Widget has its content filter hook ‘thanks_stat_sidebar’.
    – Dashboard statistics widget (the latest or the most thanked post titles with total thanks quant): minor CSS fix, link to the Full Statistics page is added, use widget control panel to configer its presentation. Widget has its content filter hook ‘thanks_stat_dashboard’ now.
    – Thank You Counter Button has filter hook ‘thanks_thankyou_button’ for its button html code now.
    – Settings link is added to the TYCB plugin actions list at the Plugins page;
    – Button exclusion shortcode [nothankyou] is added. When this shortcode is included to the post text ‘Thank You’ button is not shown for this post.
    – Button position control at the plugin Settings page is changed to the list of checkboxes. So you can use those positions together not on the alternate base only as earlier.
  • 1.2.01 = 10.11.2009
    – bug when thanks send date and time was not updated is fixed;
    – minor fixes for the translation files.
  • 1.2. = 08.11.2009
    – plugin menu item under WordPress ‘Settings’ menu was renamed to ‘Thanks CB’ (abbreviation from ‘Thank You Counter Button’).
    – admin dashboard widget to show posts with latest thanks is added.
    – If IP-address checking is activated ‘Thank You’ button has no link for visitors who clicked it for this post already. So there are no more non-necessary requests to server.
    – There are two tabs at the plugin page: Setting and Statistics.
    1) Options to not show ‘Thank You’ button for selected categories is added to the Settings page. Just check the categories in the list for which you don’t want to show the ‘Thank You’ button.
    2) You can select from two options for IP-address checking: limit this IP forever or just on the time period in seconds you input.
    3) You can see how many ‘Thanks’ you have for every post and when last thanks for which post is left at the Statistics tab of the Settings page.
  • 1.1.01 = 01.11.2009
    – French translation for the Settings page was added.
  • 1.1 = 14.10.2009
    – Settings page interface updated. Additions: button caption text style field including text color picker, 7 new rounded corner buttons, custom button image URL field.
    – Russian and Spanish translations added.
  • 1.0.02 = 09.10.2009
    – Ajax request answer and its processing enhancement. Some hosting providers automatically adds data to every http request answer, e.g. traffic tracking javascript code, etc. In such case part of that additional code was visible on the “Thank You” button just after the “thanks” quant. Button caption and “thanks” quant is now properly tagged inside the special tags and will be shown properly.
  • 1.0.01 =
    – 08.10.2009 Position shortcode [thankyou] bug fix. I documented [thankyou] shortcode but in the code [thanksyou] string was checked. Now it is fixed. Working shortcode to place “Thank You” button in the post by the ‘shortcode’ position is [thankyou].
  • 1.0.00 = 05.10.2009
    – first release.

Plugin Content Filter Hooks

Thank You Counter Button content and widgets filter hooks are described here.

Short Codes

Short Codes for the Thank You Counter Button WordPress Plugin are described here.


– Plugin doesn’t work. What is wrong?
The most probable reason is the MySQL database permisions problem for your WordPress installation. This plugin will work properly for that WordPress installation only which has “CREATE” permission on its MySQL database. “Create” permission is needed as plugin creates two own DB tables to work with.
From version 1.6.1. plugin writes any database errors into tycb.log file at plugin folder. Look at this file for more information about your problem.

– I updated plugin to the recent version. Why does it shows button or Settings/Statistics pages wrong way.
Your browser uses old cashed version of CSS files. Please try to reload full page (use F5 or Refresh button).

– Does this plugin work with WordPress MU?
Yes, it does. Plugin is tested with WordPress MU 2.9.1. Thanks to WP MU developers. Separate tables for thanks counters are created for each blog instance where plugin is activated. Every blog has its own plugin settings to manage its presentation and behaviour.

You are welcome: contact me and ask questions, make suggestions concerning this plugin use, problems, new ideas and further development.


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  • Kate

    Great Plugin, very easy to use, adds a fun function to blogs. No Problems – At All!
    Many thx

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  • Hi, it does not show up properly as it is here at my blog, you can see at

  • shinephp

    Hi, did you deactivate plugin already? I don't see 'thanks' button on your page at all and I don't see it in your page source code. Please provide me more information about your problem. I'm ready to investigate it and make the fix if needed.

  • Tinh

    yes, it show a very ugly, not showing the whole thank you word, that is why i deactivated it.

    1. It shows a half banner, just show “thank” without “you” in FF, I am using Thesis theme.

    2. In IE8, it show double banners


  • shinephp

    I have not access to the Thesis theme. Can you please download the updated 1.0.01 version of this plugin (I fixed shortcode [thankyou] checking in the code) and put that shortcode [thankyou] to the one of your old posts? Do not forget to select 'shortcode' position at the plugin Settings page. It will not touch any other post except that one. And I can look on the reason of the problem in your theme environment then. Please include in your next comment the link to such post.

  • Omi

    Thank you for this nice plugin, it works like a charm!

    Please contact me if you want to translate the plugin into spanish.


  • iLm@N

    dear author,
    I think it's a plugin of a great idea.. because it mimics Facebook's “like this” behavior, and it will enhanced the appreciation for post's author (I manage multi-author blog:

    I have a question about this plugin. You said the one click is related to one IP-address. But how if a visitor come from a connection which is gated by a proxy server? it's on my university's internet connection, and it has only two public IP that come out the proxy server.

    does your plugin detect those different persons who come from proxy server?

    thank you very much, I appreciate this plugin very much 🙂

  • shinephp

    Thank you for the good words about this plugin. About your question:
    1st: you can turn off IP-address checking if you have some problem with it.
    2nd: Currently I try to get the unique IP-adress of the visitor machine if such exists in the data accessible to the PHP script. You can check the source code for thanks_getVisitorIP() function at thankyou-ajax.php file. Public IP address (REMOTE_ADDR) is checking in the last, before it HTTP_CLIENT_IP and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR are checking. I have not access to the proxy environment. So if you post me some information how this IP-checking functionality works for your site when you contact it from a proxy connection it will be very appreciated.

  • shinephp

    Thanks. I will definitely ask you for the help with translation into spanish as I prepare the .pot file for this. During visit to your site today I discovered the reason to make 1.0.02 release with AJAX answer processing enhancement, so please update the plugin to the latest version to fix it.

  • Everton Macedo

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2)
    Timestamp: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 19:51:58 UTC

    Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
    Line: 24
    Char: 4
    Code: 0
    URI: http://blog.7comm.corp/wp-content/plugins/tagspace/colorpick/tagcolors.js?ver=2.8.4

    What happness?

  • Omi

    With this new 1.0.02 release that ugly piece of code doesn't appears anymore when voting, well done!

    I will wait for that .pot file, just mail me when it's ready.

  • It seems you have a problem with another TagSpace plugin http://blog.7comm.corp/wp-content/plugins/tagspace/colorpick/tagcolors.js?ver=2.8.4
    After activating TagSpace on clear WordPress 2.8.4 installation (all other plugins were deactivated) I have got the JavaScript error message “$ is not a function” in the admin dashboard from the same as you “tagcolor.js” file.

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  • Omi

    With this new 1.0.02 release that ugly piece of code doesn't appears anymore when voting, well done!

    I will wait for that .pot file, just mail me when it's ready.

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  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

    This looks promising, but would be even better with additional color choices — or the option to add our own. Font preferences would also be a nice touch!

  • I agree. Thanks. I will add it to the next version.

  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

    Sounds great! I look forward to your update 🙂

  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

    *Thanks* for the update with new button choices! It looks great!!

  • I’m glad that you like it.

  • Omi

    Great improvements Vladimir, well done!

    Glad to be helpful.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will add this functionality to the next update.

  • VinylTunes

    Hey, great Plug-in!!
    can you make that the button only show in a selected/s category/s? would be perfect!!!

    Thank you,

  • Yes, you are right, there is one missing “echo”. You have to use instead, because of thanks_button() function only returns html code for the button as the string. How to use it (make echo or concatenate it with other content, etc.) is your decision as the theme developer. I will include this explanation into the plugin description text.P.S. You have to call thanks_button() inside the posts loop of course as it needs $post->ID to work correctly.

  • Family Guy


    I can`t get the manual option to work, there was a missing “echo” in thankyou.php i think.
    <option value=”manual”>

    I edited it and still can`t get Manual option to work. I use to call the button…

    Thank you.

  • Omi

    Hi Vladimir,

    Maybe you bored? Don’t worry, I have some (potential) work for you 😉

    I thought a vote management section would be great (now it’s a little bit tricky to know your votes if you have a lot of post). From there the blog admin may know the more thanked post. Even, the plugin may use its own counters to show the info into a widget or also create a page or a weekly (periodicity adjustable) automatic post which show the most thanked post by users (this, of course, must be displayed only if the admin wants to do so).

    You can take a look into the WP-PostRatings admin zone to know what I’m talking about.

    We will keep in touch by mail.

    All the best,

  • I think about some similar additions to the plugin admin back-end. Thank you for the confirmation of that such additions will be useful for the plugin users. Some widgets based on the ‘thank you’ counters can be attractive to the blog visitors. I will definitely make it.

  • Kostya

    Локализация на русском не работает… может надо в настройках или в файле где-то указать, что русский?

  • Спасибо. Под Windows работало, а под Unix, где разница между регистром букв в именах файлов имеет значение, я не проверил. Благодаря данному сигналу, ошибка в именах файлов русской локализации найдена и исправлена.
    Для исправления нужно либо переименовать файлы, thankyou-ru_Ru.po в, thankyou-ru_RU.po, либо загрузить пакет установки плагина версии 1.1.01 с ещё раз – я уже выложил файлы с правильными именами.
    The mistake in Russian localization file names was found. It must be ‘ru_RU’ instead of ‘ru_Ru’ as it was first. Error is corrected. Files for Russian localization with valid names were uploaded to

  • Anonymous

    hi’i habe instilled the plagin and it is very nice but, i got this message:Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at …/ in …/ on line 54What do i have to do?Thank you,Isaac

  • It is the first message about problem with sessions. Please try this solution:Add this code to the beginning of wp-config.php file, just after <?php on the next line inserted: if (!session_id()) { session_start(); }Source of the first solution is…If that will not help then you possibly have some plugins with blank lines before first “” tags which send headers before thankyou.php does it. So you need to find which plugin cause that and delete blank lines from it. Try to deactivate all plugins but thank-you-counter-button one and check if that warning still exists. If it doesn’t exists, try to activate other plugins one by one and check if you have that warning. When warning will appear, delete blank lines at the begin or at the end of that plugin file which causes the warning, before tags.Source of the second solution is

  • Hello, I am getting the following error message that blocks my blog from loading:
    error: Table ‘xmassagegeek-wp.wp_thanks_counters’ doesn’t exist

    Any suggestions? Did I miss something?

  • Hello Lynn!Is it the first installation of this plugin or the version update?It seems that TYCB plugin is not installed correctly. It creates its MySQL tables during activation. If wp_thanks_counters table doesn’t exists that something is wrong with MySQL permissions possibly.Has mysql db user under which your blog works table creation rights in your MySQL database? Or with other words is your WordPress installed under the same MySQL user as it uses for usual work?Finally, to exclude the similar situations in future (if the problem is in the plugin code) I’m ready to investigate the problem at your site. I will need ftp accsess and user with blog admin rights for that. Of course, all that work will be done for free.Regards,Vladimir.

  • ruben

    I love the plug in but is there a way to only limit the plug to only one page or post?

  • You can make it two ways:
    1) uncheck ‘before’, ‘after’ options, check ‘shortcode’ option and put shortcode [thankyou] to the post where you wish to show this button.
    2) use categories exclusion feature. Possibly make new category like ‘thank you’ and check all categories except that.
    Let me know please if you have a trouble with realization. May be I will add ‘one click’ option for your situation specially.

  • ruben

    that did it THANKS 🙂

  • Thank you, Vladimir. This was a first installation. After I wrote to you, I moved my website to a different host. In addition to all the original benefits for changing, the move has solved the MySQL problem as well. So, no help needed.

  • Marko

    is it possible to add statistics about thanks submitted in WP pages?

  • Hello Marko,
    Yes it is possible. It seems I forgot about static WP pages :). I included this fix in my work plan. Thank you.

  • It is fixed since the version 1.6. It shows WP pages data in the statistics forms and widgets.

  • Hi there
    nice button!
    But I wanna change the tooltiptext of the button (need german).
    Please insert a new textfield in the settings…

  • Hi Steve!Thank you for using this plugin. If you need just a translation I propose you another variant. Let’s use WordPress general localization/translation feature. Just copy./wp-content/plugins/thanks-you-counter-button/lang/thankyou.pot file into thankyou-de_DE.po fileThen open thankyou-de_DE.po in the poEdit program (, make German translation, save your changes. Upload thankyou-de_DE.po and files to plugin folder at your site. That’s all – you have full German translation for the TYCB plugin. If you kindly send translated thankyou-de_DE.po file to me I include it into the TYCB plugin package together with thanks for translation and link to your site in plugin readme.txt file and plugin page at Regards,Vladimir.

  • Is it possible the plugin doesn't work too well with WP 2.9?
    I keep getting “Not available” message when I try to view statistics details for particular pages

  • Thanks for the message. Let me recheck this part of code. Do you use the last 1.6 version of TYCB plugin? Do you see such message for the some posts too or for the WP pages only?

  • I made some tests. Statistics details feature works valid for my WP 2.9.1 installation, for posts and pages equally. So I need more information in order to identify the reason of your problem.One of the possible reasons is:If you have “Check IP-address” option unchecked plugin doesn’t store button clicker IP information. As so you can have quant of button clicks (thanks) for the paticular page, but see “Not available” message when trying to see statistics details for it as you have no thanks IP information in the database for that page.

  • shinephp

    Hi dear 'Thank You Counter Button' plugin users!
    I met the situation when 'Thank You Counter Button' plugin marked as broken for WP version 2.9.1 (5 negative marks opposite 2 positive marks) at It is possible that some users have troubles with plugin. What I want to say that I still have no any information from them, what is wrong with plugin, what bed experience they have. No one go to here and write specifically what is the problem in order to I can fix it.
    If you have the good experience with this plugin, please support it, register at and click 'Works' button with Compatibility widget at the… page.
    The lack of response from the plugin users is the real problem. With more than 4 thousands downloads and positive comments here two persons only (including me) clicked 'Works' button for this plugin at… page. The picture is shown by Compatibility widget is not objective truth now. Let's correct it together.
    Thank you,

  • Tom

    Not working.
    Waste of time. I lost my blog.

  • shinephp

    Please let me know more:
    – What version of WordPress do you use?
    – What version of MySQL do you use?
    – What version of PHP do you use?
    – Has your MySQL user the privileges to create tables?
    – What is really happend?
    Without detailed information I can not understand what is wrong with plugin and help you and others.
    And finally, it is working. You can see it here at :). :
    WordPress 2.9.1 (before it worked under WP 2.8.5, 2.8.6, 2.9), PHP 5.2.12, MySQL 5.0.
    It works at least for
    and the most of 118 WP users (I'm sure) who clicked 'Thank You' button for this post.
    Again: if you met the trouble with this plugin, give me more detailed information. I'm ready to help you, investigate situation and make fix needed.

  • shinephp

    I reproduced the “plugin not working – I lost my blog” problem in case the MySQL user has not “Create” permision at the WordPress MySQL database. Updated version 1.6.1 doesn't affect the whole blog in this situation. I hope the error log file feature will help new plugin users to identify the possible problem and let me know about it in order to make the next update :).
    Plugin deactivation helped to return the blog to work in any case for any plugin version.

  • Statistics still not working properly…

  • shinephp

    Please tell me more… What is really wrong with statistics in your case?
    If you talk about the 'Not available' message again, I commented it below already: If you have “Check IP-address” option unchecked, then plugin doesn't store button clicker IP information. That's why you don't see any statistics data. I tried TYCB button at your… post and saw that it is possibly your case. I left 3 thanks for that post in a minute from the same IP. Please, confirm it.

  • PS
    sorry … I just saw this…
    I can see the list of IPs if I click on the View Details on the main Statistics page. If I move away from that page (like – change the order to Last Thank Date or try to see the IPs by clicking on the Stats button from an individual post, then I get the Not Available msg).
    So.. it seems as if there’s something wrong…
    Regarding my Misc settings, the Check IP is unticked and I only have the Time limit ticked ( Only for this period seconds)
    If I understood right, you are saying that it’s not working because I have the thing unticked… but how come it’s working on the Main stats then?
    Ah I really don’t want to tick it but I want the stats to work lol

  • I really love this plugin but the stats are not working properly! I can only see the main statistics and not the stats for individual pages nor the stats when I order them per last thanks date… 🙁

  • PS
    I tried viewing them on many posts and I think we can conclude that the plugin didn't store details for thanks made after December.. Maybe something happened after an upgrade? I am using the newest version btw and I haven't been changing any settings. I ticked the Check IP thing now and seems it worked for new thanks
    Sorry about the whining…

  • Thanks for idea.
    I will add the separate option e.g. “Store IP statistics” in the next version possibly which will allow to have Statistics data even “Check IP” is unchecked.

  • shinephp

    You are welcome :). Any troubles with plugin users say about help me to enhance it.

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  • begede

    Fatal Error

  • shinephp

    I need more information to help you. If it is PHP fatal error then PHP writes additional information to the log file or shows it on screen. Please include it in your message.

  • begede

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_cumulus_widget() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/w0xxxx/wp-content/plugins/wp-cumulus/wp-cumulus.php:305) in /www/htdocs/w0xxxx/wp-content/plugins/wp-cumulus/wp-cumulus.php on line 305

    Thanks BGD

  • shinephp

    Yes. I repoduced it. Thank you for the feedback.
    There is some incompatibility issue between two plugins, TYCB and wp-cumulus. I will investigate problem and make the fix ASAP.

  • shinephp

    I catch the problem in the code and fixed it. Please try the updated version from the trunk/development version of TYCB plugin at
    and confirm that 'fatal error' issue was gone. I will publish version 1.6.3 as I get response from you or little later, but today in any case…

  • shinephp

    Special update 1.6.3 was published to fix this issue. Try it and let me know the result.
    Thanks in advance.

  • begede

    Thanks: great plugin

  • Medic84

    How to put button to the center of content?

    P.S. Sorry, for my bad English (I'm Russian :))

  • shinephp

    If you find the way to show button as
    you can go to the TYCB plugin Settings page and put into “Add style to the div:” something like this:
    “float: left; margin-left:40%; margin-right: 5px;”
    Your button will be shifted to the center. Play with percent value for margin-left to align button properly.

  • Josef

    Hello! I installed this plug-in no problem; however, when I head over to the statistics tab, I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in *path*wp-contentpluginsthanks-you-counter-buttonthankyou_statistics.php on line 663. I am using the latest version of XAMPP Lite. Any ideas? :-s

  • shinephp

    Please let me know the exact versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress do you have. I will try to build your environment and check how TYCB will work on it. At this moment I have nothing to say to help you as plugin Statistics tab works for me without error messages.

  • 1232234

    I love this plugin, its a fantastic addition to my site!
    Quick suggestion though: Would it be possible for you to base the thanks limit per user, on a cookie? This would be a lot better than logging every ip address (so that users cant thank a post more than once in the set amount of time).
    Even if you could somehow include the option to log thanks by ip address or by cookie within the plugin settings. This would make the plugin even better. Hope you will consider this, thanks once again!

  • shinephp

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will include it as alternative choice in the next version.

  • Moogle Stiltzkin

    Would it be possible to have thank you buttons for specific pages, and also all pages under a category.

    I don't really want thank you button on main page posts :[

  • – If you wish remove 'thank you' button from the main page turn off the “Display button at Home page” check box.
    – You have the option to exclude 'thank you' button from the selected categories list also. Turn on the 'Do not show button for selected categories' checkbox and select needed categories from the opened list.
    – You can turn off 'before' and 'after' options both and turn on 'shortcode' checkbox. Then you will have 'thank you' button just for posts or pages where you input shortcode [thankyou] manually.
    Play with these abilities. I hope it could help you to achieve that what you wish.

  • I feel like designing that ugly button with a different style.

  • Thanks for the comment.
    1st, you can turn on 'custom button image URL' option and use your own button image at your blog. This option included especially for those who don't like default button images for some reason.
    2nd, if you are graphic designer and have ability to design new attractive buttons images set, make it, share it, and it is possible I include it into next plugin version as alternative buttons set.

  • Phankimi

    Thanks for nice plugin ♫

  • Vadim

    [object XMLHttpRequest]

    what is this?

  • This is the error message concerning AJAX problem. Could you provide more details: WordPress version, TYCB plugin version, browser, what do you do before you get this error?

  • Vadim

    I think I get this error after I updated the latest version of wordpress (3.0.1). When I click the button “thanks” I get this error. The version of the plugin is the 1.6.8. I get the error with any layout, even if I disable all other plugins. 🙁

  • ShinePHP is updated to WP 3.0.1. I can not reproduce this error.
    It seems that something special in your blog environment lead to this problem. Have you some test blog installation where I could play with it using blog admin privileges?

  • Vadim

    nick: Vladimir
    pass: garagulya

    thank you!

  • Thank for the trust. 1st, I did not use those credentials for this moment. Just checked this thing:
    TYCB plugin makes AJAX call when visitor clicks on button. URL is
    Direct use of this URL returns me your site root index page. It seems that direct call of files is forbidden on your site for some subdirectories, possibly with use of .htaccess settings. Without such direct call to thankyou-ajax.php TYCB plugin doesn’t work.

  • Vadim

    I don’t understand. .htaccess file has no restriction for subdirectories. I tried to install WP on a different domain but is the same thing. What can I do? 🙁

  • I’m sorry. It was my mistake. I have put wrong URL in previous message yesterday. It is correct now (I removed wp-admin from there). And, Yes, I can access .css, .txt, .js files in the ‘thanks-you-counter-button’ directory via HTTP.
    But I see ‘HTTP 500 Internal Server Error’ when try to call any .php file from there.
    The same thing is happened for
    PHP code is not executed from the plugin subdirectory for some reason.
    Check user permissions for .php files at the plugin subdirectory. It should be 644 or ‘rw-r–r–‘.
    If you have some other plugin installed, try to call its .php file directly. Do you see error code 500? If not, compare user permissions for .php files.
    Do you have access to the HTTP server and PHP error log files?
    If it is possible for you, you can give me FTP access to your site. I will try to isolate the problem. Send user name and password to this address [my 1st name][AT sign] You can find it in the thankyou.php file also. Or use this site ‘Contact’ page form to reach me directly.

  • Vadim

    Thank you Vladimir! I changed the permissions of the php files from 644 to 755 and now everything works correctly! Thank you again! 🙂

  • There is a XSS security hole in the versions 1.4 to 1.6.8 (last)
    Author has been contacted.
    Wait and see.
    Julio from www . boiteaweb . fr (web security audit)

  • Hi Julio.
    I’m working now to fix it and hope to publish the updated code today.
    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

  • Version 1.6.9 of “Thank you counter button” plugin is available. XSS security hole mentioned above is fixed I hope.
    Julio, it would be quite good if you could take a look on the updated code and share with us your conclusion.
    Thanks again.

  • 1.6.9 fix the 1.6.8 hole, it works really fine ! Nice job ! Thank you Vladimir

  • Anonymous

    This is very cool. Is the count supposed to show up when they hit the button? Should they see that it got counted or does it just show up when they come back to the page. I wasn’t sure if I messed it up, or if it always showed no feedback. Either way a great widget. Thanks.

  • Thank you. Counter on the button itself should be updated just after click without page reload.
    TYCB widget counters are updated just with with page reload. AJAX behavior is not realized for TYCB widgets content. I did not make it as it could slow down reaction on the button click.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds good. I think I messed mine up because when you click the button itself doesn’t update. I tried to delete the widget and download it again, but it still doen’t update. Is there anyway to set it back to what it originally was? thanks.

  • Please give me the URL to page/post with button to try it and see what is going wrong?

  • Anonymous

    It works now, sorry about that. Not sure what I did, but must have fixed it. Thank you.

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  • What WordPress version do you use? TYCB v. 1.7 is for 3.0 and upper versions only. It will not work with any earlier WordPress version as I excluded from its code all staff deprecated from WP version 3.0.Do you have any error messages in your PHP error log? Setting WP_DEBUG (define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);) – true in wp-config.php could help to see any errors on screen.

  • I’m looking for something exactly like this, but I’d like to be able to capture who “thanks”. Any plans to add anything where they can put in their name, url, email, basically a much shorter comment form, that can display who thanked you for the post elsewhere on the page? Thanks!

  • Thanks for the idea. It could be added as an option. You click on button and see small form with name, url, email, one row message fields and buttons ‘Send’, ‘Cancel’, etc. Show that data list to the post.
    I will add it. May be this month…

  • Anonymous

    Nice Plugin!

  • Emma

    I have that problem too! 🙁 please make it work.. I have the latest version of wordpress

  • I need to repeat your problem to fix it. But I have not any problem with TYCB on my sites, test and live both. Is it possible for you to give me administrator and ftp access to the site where you have a problem? If yes, please, sent me login and password via contact form to not show them to the public. I will check the problem directly on your site then.

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  • TheGreenAttraction

    I like the plugin; however, it would be a nice option if it allowed you to drag and drop the button where u want it on your post or page. 😉

  • Thanks. It is interesting thing to realize as a programming task. May be…
    I agree that it is more friendly for the users, unfamiliar with CSS basics. And I see that it could be added to the template show-zone at the bottom of the TYCB plugin ‘Settings’ page. But, from other side, I’m not sure that such feature is really necessary for the most of this plugin users.
    If someone else have other thoughts, arguments please share it with us.

  • Peri

    Any idea how I can fix this? Its all I see when I goto the settings page after activating the plug in

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3424704 bytes) in /home/+++++++/public_html/wp-content/plugins/thanks-you-counter-button/thankyou_options.php on line 11

  • Try to increase memory_limit parameter value in your php.ini file. If it is impossible, e.g. limited by provider of your shared hosting and you do not wish to change provider (for example I have 128Mb memory limit with provider), then you can exclude some non-related to the plugin functionality code from thankyou_options.php. Line 11 imports simplepie.php to show you RSS feed from my site Comment it and following lines with numbers from 59 to 90. It could help.

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  • hi,pluginer,
    i have translate the chinese simple pack &how can i post it to u ?

  • and my email is

  • Thanks. I sent the message to your email. My email is included also into “Translation” section of readme.txt file from plugin’s installation package.

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  • Alapak911

    Hey Vladimir, is there any way a user can track the topics he clicked “like in”?

  • Plugin could track just the user’s IP for now. So we have post list liked from the IP. But it is the information accesible for the blog administrator only.It is possible to store such information for the registered and logged-in users and have special widget for them to show such topics list. It is the subject for further plugin development. Do you interested in that or mean something different?

  • Alapak911

    Well, I’m actually very interested in exactly that! I want the users to be able to keep track of what topics the enjoyed. So in a manner the ‘thank you’ acting as a “Bookmark” to an awesome post.

  • Thanks for the idea. I will include such feature into one of the next versions.

  • Peaker

    Nice plugin. How do I remove the “:” before the number of clicks? I hoping to just display a number without the “Thank You:”. I looked for the all throughout the thankyou.php file, but can’t find where you have that hardcoded into the value of the .

  • Thanks. Button captions is built with function getThanksCaption() from the thankyou_lib.php
    Check line 140:
    $caption .= ': '.$quant;
    and change it to
    $caption .= $quant;
    for your needs.
    I see that I should update the code and do not add ‘:’ before clicks quant if button caption if it is empty. Something like this:

    if ($caption) {
    $caption .= ': '.$quant;
    } else {
    $caption = $quant;

  • Guille

    So … if I understand correctly the “Thank yous” or “Likes” will be saved into Mysql … what is the name of the table where data is going to be saved into? please assist.. thank you!! =0)

  • TYCB plugin uses 2 own MySQL tables. Its names could vary depending of your WP Db prefix: $wpdb->prefix .’thanks_counters’$wpdb->prefix .’thanks_readers’;By default, it would be ‘wp_thanks_counters’.

  • Guille

    cool =) … hope someday I can be as good a programmer as you are.

  • Sure and thank you.

  • No, current version doesn’t support such feature. But it is possible to add that to the next version. I’m not sure how much time it will take. In any case widget could become more customizable if I add ‘Category’ drop down list to its control panel. Thanks for the idea how to enhance plugin.

  • Peaker

    Perfect Vladimir. Thanks!

  • Cohaniuc

    hi great plugin thank u
    i was trying to make my button with hover effect but it doesn’t work could u help me with that ? is it possible to make a hover effect on it and also is it possible that when cliked to show a different image?

    so different image when hover and different image when cliked ??
    thank u

  • Hello,
    I think it is possible to add hover effect just now. You need to experiment with CSS for that. You can add custom CSS code to the button at the TYCB Settings page. Sorry, I’m too busy to help you with it just now. May be at the end of this week…
    You can not show other image for the clicked button for this moment. Thank you for the good suggestion how to enhance TYCB plugin. I will definitely add such functionality as an option to the next version, may be in a month period.

  • Kunjan virani

    where is the software .. i did not found that send to me that please sir

  • Alapak911

    Hey Vladimir, I have the thank you button enabled after each post… however is there a way I can disable it from showing up in specific posts?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello!
    Yes, it is possible. Add [nothankyou] short-code into the post where you don’t wish to see a ‘Thank You’ button.

  • I was wrong. Custom CSS to the button itself (not its div position) could be added using one of CSS classes included to its declaration. But any changes to CSS included directly to ‘style’ attribute are overriden by this ‘style’ inclusion. For example I see in debugger that ‘hover’ effect class is applied, but browser take image not from ‘hover’ description, but from ‘style’ content. So to achieve your purpose I need to change plugin code. Please wait the next version release…

  • Alapak911

    One last question. Is there anyway to display the Top Thanked topic with the thumbnails of posts instead of text titles? Thanks again & keep up the good work! The latest updated can’t come soon enough. 😛

  • Thanks :).
    I think it is possible with use of TYCB ‘thanks_stat_sidebar’ filter hook. Read this post
    to get more information. It requires some PHP programming to change text on image, but it is possible. Let me know if you need help. May be I write and publish an example how to make that.

  • Cohaniuc

    thank u waiting…..regards Boris

  • Llama22


    I know this is a horrible question, but would you estimate the ETA of the next release? Some of the features you mentioned might be in the next release are mandatory for me so I’m waiting until the next release until I launch my site. A guess would be awesome! Again, sorry for the dumb question.

  • Hello,
    You are welcome to ask any question :). In this case, I have no exact answer on the question, really. It will not be released this week. I didn’t even start that work. May be next one. or this month… So, if it is possible to launch your site without those features, do not wait (plan that like some enhancing at the next stage). It will be right decision.

  • Marty_Kevi99

    Hey vladimir, is there a way to assign a custom look to the Thank you widget via the css? If so, what would be the title of the css? (ex: .thank_you_widget)

  • Marty_Kevi99

    So I figured my css question out! It took a little messing around, but I finally got a custom CSS table for the thank you widget. My only question remains: is there anyway to have a custom css for the (#) that appears next to the top thanked files? right now the text seems to almost like it’s part of the title. I’d red make it stand out from the title.

  • Forgive me for the late reply. No, you can not now change appearance of thanks quant to the right of the post title, with CSS.
    It is right request. I will add special span with CSS class name in order you can customize its appearance. Thank you.

  • Marty_Kevi99

    Awesome! The only thing I’m stuck on right now is looking through the file if I can expand the limit of the top 15 thanked posts to the top 20. Is this something I easily edit, or should I just give up?

  • That’s easy if you could manage PHP source code. Open ‘thankyou_widgets.php’ file and look to the lines 31, 31 and 114. Play with them.
    You can add CSS class to the thanks quant for every post if you change line 67
    $record['oneItem'] = '<a href="%1$s" title="%3$s">%2$s (%4$s)</a>';
    to something like
    $record['oneItem'] = '<a href="%1$s" title="%3$s">%2$s <span class="thankyou-sidebar-quant">(%4$s)</span></a>';

  • Marty_Kevi99

    Vladimir, as always, you’re amazing! Thank you.

  • Thanks you :).

  • How offten we all find us in the exactly same situation? More than one time a day, with some programming tasks especially ;).
    Good Luck, Marty.

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  • Theo


    Cool plugin. When I hover over the button, the text says “please click to left thanks” or something like that. How do I change this text, and also the text after someone has made a click? Thanks.

  • There is no user interface to change this text.
    If you are comfortable with light changing of PHP code you can make this easy. Open thankyou.php file, go to lines #176, 179 and edit needed text there. Be careful with PHP syntax :).

  • Theo

    Beautiful, thanks!

  • Hello Jeff,

    Excuse me for the late reply, I’m on short vacation now. I not put donate button on site and plugins pages as Paypal doesn’t allow to accept money for clients from some countries and from Russia too. I can spent money only with my paypal account.
    People who wish to make donation can make it according to the information at this page

    Thanks for using russian words in your message :).


  • Anonymous

    i have a problem. I have a problem some people could vote a lot of time. But i limited this at just 1 by IP for 2weeks.

    i have something like this in logs (10 o 20 “thanks”): 123.456.789.123,

    I dont’ why i have the “,” at the end of IP adress….

    P.S.: i use the plugin for a photo contest , in 2day i have 800 thanks, i thing a could get 6 or 7000 thanks in 2 weeks… :/

    N.B:. i’m french, sorry for my bad english.

  • It seems as somebody sends faked IPs to your server.
    I will add the checking for valid IP parts (1..254) ranges to the future version and option to delete clicks from the selected IPs to cleanup counter in the future version.
    This time you can correct counters with MySQL direct access:
    find post Id for which you need to correct button counter and use this SQL command
    update wp_thanks_counters set quant=100 where post_id=NNN limit 1
    IP addresses are stored in the wp_thanks_readers table.

  • Moonshin3

    Hey Vladimir, any news if you’ll release an updated version of the thank you plugin any time soon? I really could use category based widget that shows thanks.

    Either way, keep up the good work!

  • Thanks.
    I can not tell you the exact time when the next update will be ready. Time is a problem :).
    I’m working on some new features. Option to change button image when visitor hovers mouse over it will be added. Category based widget to show thanks will be realized too. This work will be finished at the end of May, may be in June… It is very approximately.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I’ve tried to put the function in a button CSS but it does not work.


  • Hello,
    What do you try to achieve?

  • You can prepare button sized image with transparent background and the icon from the left. You will get icon with text after it that way. If you wish text only prepare full transparent image.

  • Amopichat

    Thanks a lot for your plug in. I got a parse error on the last line of thankyou_statistic.php. Any idea ? thanks
    And is it possible to have 2 button to count 2 separate things ? I reinstall the plug iin with a different name ? thanks

  • Hello,
    Please show, what error message you’ve got.
    No, it’s not possible to count more than 1 thing. More that 1 plugin copy installed simultaneously will not work correctly as they will use the same database tables.
    Do you talk about something as ‘Like’ and ‘Unlike’ counters in the same post?

  • puz

    How can i add the counter button to anywhere else in my post?

  • Insert [thankyou] shortcode somewhere in the text.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Valdimir. Any news on an update? As a novice coder, would it be difficult to modify the script to only show the top thanked posts in a given category (as oppose to overall)?

  • Hello,
    Good news is that I made something for it. I even updated this post a little. It contains some information about features which are not available in the current version.
    Bad news is that update is still not finished.
    As addition I discovered that current version show thanks in widgets for the posts and pages only. It fully ignores custom post types. So it will be useful to add ability to select post type and category, taxomy inside them. I will try to manage my time to find a day or two to build next version for “Thank You Counter Button”.

    Yes, it could be difficult to novice coder to add filter by category. SQL expression modification is needed.  You should join additional table or two and check if thanked post has needed category or not.

  • Hlns

    Thank you very much for this plugin. It’s what I was looking for !!
    Just a problem : the time is for 12 hours and I don’t have neither am or pm…..
    Any solution ? (I use a french translation, maybe that’s why ??)

  • Hello,
    If you write about time of ‘thanks’ click in a widgets, it uses time format from your WordPress settings – check Settings-General for that.

  • Hlns

    You find it !!!
    I don’t use it as a widget but for my personal use in my dashboard.
    Before install it I had a 24h WordPress general setting but the plugin changed it…
    It’s now corrected

  • Jan

    Hey Vladimir. Nice Plugin, but somehow it doesnt work on my blog 😉
    I placed the button in the header but when i click on it, nothing changes 🙁
    You can check it out at and yes, its the pile of shit
    i already changed the permissions to 777…

    any idea?
    greets and thanks for your work!

  • Jan

    Hey Vladimir. Nice Plugin, but somehow it doesnt work on my blog 😉
    I placed the button in the header but when i click on it, nothing changes 🙁
    You can check it out at and yes, its the pile of shit
    i already changed the permissions to 777…

    any idea?
    greets and thanks for your work!

  • Hello Jan.

    1st, what I see. There are not any javascript from ‘Thank You Counter Button’ plugin package is loaded to your page. It’s clear why button doesn’t work. But it’s still unclear why correspondent javascript code is not loaded. If that is possible, could you please, try to deactivate all other plugins except of TYCB and see if it will work then? It is possible we have some conflict between plugins. If that’s true, then activating plugins back one by one you can discover the conflicting plugin and send its name to me. I will try to fix the problem. Other thing – it could be incompatibility with your theme problem. Is it free and I can download it somewhere?

  • Hello Jan.

    1st, what I see. There are not any javascript from ‘Thank You Counter Button’ plugin package is loaded to your page. It’s clear why button doesn’t work. But it’s still unclear why correspondent javascript code is not loaded. If that is possible, could you please, try to deactivate all other plugins except of TYCB and see if it will work then? It is possible we have some conflict between plugins. If that’s true, then activating plugins back one by one you can discover the conflicting plugin and send its name to me. I will try to fix the problem. Other thing – it could be incompatibility with your theme problem. Is it free and I can download it somewhere?

  • Jan

    Thank you for the answer!

    I tried but couldnt find any plugin that interrupts the button.. I just actualized and tried the button 😉
    I Already replaced the pluginfiles of the counter, but nothing happened. Maybe i made some other mistake…? I placed the shortcode somewhere in the header region..
    My Theme is actually this:

    Twenty Ten 1.1

    Its more or less a standard-theme

  • Actually I didn’t plan to place button beyond the posts and pages. But I didn’t see the reason why button shouldn’t work you way. As the main problem – plugin javascript code is absent. Let me ask you a question which could seems stupid (excuse me if you have such feeling) – Is ‘Thank you counter button’ plugin activated?
    Please send here screenshot of the TYCB plugin Settings page from your site.

  • Jan

    hehe, thx for your answer. I’m not afraid of doing something stupid, but rather not recognizing it 😉
    The plugin is definitvely activated. when i stop it, the whole header crashed down..

    I examined the whole story again, and it turned out, that i just had to activate the option “Button auf der Startseite und den Kategorie-, Tag- und Archiv-Seiten anzeigen.” (In english circa: Activate Button on the startpage and Category, Tag, Archive… etc..) And yes, in the rearview, its a bit stupid. I thought, it would be enough to use the option “manual”

    But BIG thanks! Everything is fine now. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have been using your plugin for the last 4 months. It’s a great idea. Now today I converted my posts to various custom posts. For some reason the thanks statistics have disappeared too. Although the number of thanks is the same, it cannot show the thanks from the custom posts. Any idea how this can be solved?

  • Hi, Thanks for the information.
    I discovered this problem recently at one of my sites and didn’t make the fix yet. Unfortunately, TYCB plugin counts thanks for the standard posts and pages only. It fully ignores custom post types.
    Good news: I’m working on fix for this issue. It’s possible that I will publish it in 1-2 weeks, with some other new staff I promised to publish in June :).

  • PC

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hello dear users of “Thank  you counter button” WordPress plugin. I’m sorry about so long delay with next version release. Time is a real problem. So real date of next release is postponed again. Please do not build your blog development plan on the base of this plugin update date. I’m not sure when it will be made.
    TYCB plugin is in work. You can take a look on the screenshot of updated Settings page below.
    The only thing you may be  sure – I’m still here and support of all my WordPress plugins will be continued.


  • Hlns

    For 1 month everything great, but now when I want to see the statistics I have : “Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 30670848) (tried to allocate 311296 bytes) in /homepages/22/d159534284/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/thanks-you-counter-button/thankyou_statistics.php on line 494”
    Nevertheless on my dashboard the counter still change.Any idea ? Thanks

  • Hi,

    line 494 looks as this:

    $currentSortDirTitle = __('Ascending order', 'thankyou');

    As you can see it is not some huge data volume operation, just one more variable assignment. And you met ‘out of memory’ error here. I suppose that you installed some new plugin recently. Just for experiment, try to deactivate one of recently installed plugins and check if you can see ‘Statistics’ from ‘Thank You Counter Button’ plugin.

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  • Jordi Reig

    Hi, everybody!

    I want to know if there is any way to find the number of “Thank you” by member or userId of my site to show in his profile. 

    Also, if it’s possible… I want to list the “Thank you” posts of member or userId.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards.
    Jordi Reig.

  • Hi Jordi!

    Thank you for suggestions.  Plugin must have such functionality, really. I will consider it for further plugin development. But I don’t promise to make it fast due to general time problem. 

    Current version of plugin doesn’t store WordPress logged-in user Id, just visitor IP address. So you have not information about users to extract it yourself. I should add a user_id field to the Db table and fill it, if user is logged-in to WordPress before press “Thank You” button.


  • khalil janjua

    great plugin … thanks

  • Sassas1991

    Hi can i use 3 different thank you button on my page with different counts

  • Hi,
    No, all thanks buttons inside one post or page will have the same counter as they use post/page ID for counter identifier.
    You can have buttons with different counters at the blog home page only where you list different posts excerpts.

  • Jim Rose

    I like the button too.  Simple and useful.  Thought I would like the username instead of the ip-address in the table. So, like the post_id, I passed the username out and back in.  Works like a gem.

  • Thank you.

    Obviously, blocking thanks after click by the username will work for registered and logged-in users only. In this case do you plan to block thanks from not-logged-in users? You will lost a lot of thanks from one-time visitors then.

  • hello!  Had the same question as sassas1991 about multiple buttons in one page~ I also was hoping to use the plugin for this!  I have a page of images (possible items I want to sell on a store for example) and wanted to give people the option to click all the choices/buttons they enjoy.  Is there any way to make this possible so that its not limited to one button per page?  Overall its a really wonderful plugin and so easy to use!!  I just wish I could use it  the way I was hoping 🙁
    thank you so much for developing this 🙂

  • Hi,

    Thanks for good words :).

    As you are the second potential user of such (multiple buttons with separate counters on one page) feature I will consider to add it in one of the future versions. It could be the good extension to the current functionality of the plugin.
    But please be aware that it could take months, as my plans to publish the update for this plugin were postponed a few times already.


  • Thank you very much for considering to add it to the update! I know for me it would be super useful, I would assume others as well… the only thing I have found that offers a similar feature is a voting gallery which was a bit much and complex.  Its nice to just shortcode your plugin right under the things I needed “like” clicks on 😀

    Thank you for your fast reply and I will be looking forward to an update if you have the time! Please keep up the wonderful work, it is appreciated very much!

  • chetan


    I use the plugin on . I am getting an error “object object” whenever the button is clicked. It stopped working in October – 9th I think. 

    Thanks again for developing this wonderful plugin!

  • chetan


    I just wrote to you a few minutes ago. The problem got fixed after I reloaded the plugin but now all my older thank you’s have disappeared. Any clue how can I can retrieve them?

  • Hi,

    If you deleted plugin using WordPress ‘Delete’ link at ‘Plugins’ panel before make new installation, you lost  your old thanks data. “Thank You Counter Button” plugin has ‘uninstall’ feature and make full cleanup if you delete it via WordPress.
    Check if you have any records for your old posts in the ‘wp_thanks_counters’ DB table. If not you can add some records manually, field names in the table are self-explained. Ask, if you have more questions.

  • chetan

    Hey, the problem is back. There is no error but the thank you is not registered. When the page is refreshed the counter appears as if it was not clicked. Any advice?

    I do have a backup. I’ll try to merge the table to get back the old numbers. 

  • chetan

    I waited for sometime and thanks is taking a little longer to get registered so I don’t think there is a problem with the plugin as such. Thanks again. I’ll let you know if i am able to merge the tables.

  • OK. Good luck in restoring your data.

  • chetan

    Vladimir, I just came back thinking about that. That must be the easy as of now. I’ll see if there is something online when it comes W3 total cache and your plugin. Thanks again!

  • Yevgeniy

    Hi, Very interesting plugin, I am also interesting in a few buttons displayed on one page with different counters.
    For now I look for a way to place several buttons on for example Home page with excerpts, or post page linked to several attachment pages. Is it possible to specify for each button its own ID like ($post->id) or ($image->id) or maybe there is other way to achieve it? Thanks for any ideas,

  • Hi,
    Look at home page. Every post exerpt has its onw button with its own counter. If you search something similar to it, that’s possible without problem. Just turn on ‘display button at Home page’ checkbox at the plugin Settings page.
    But if you wish to include a set of buttons with different counters into one post, that’s not possible with current version, just included into future development plan :).

  • Yevgeniy

    Vladimir thanks for fast reply. I’ll wait the update. Since I need just 2 different buttons on post page I’ll try to clone the plugin (changing function names, variables etc.) and use 2 plugins with 2 db tables, 2 option pages etc., may be this is not best way, but hope it will work).Thanks

  • Krishnajaswanth

    can i have this button for only one single post ?

  • Yes, you can.
    Unselect all button position checkboxes on plugin’s Settings page except ‘shortcode’ and insert [thankyou] shortcode into the post, where you wish to use this button.

  • Allie

    I am looking for a plugin like yours that includes the username in statistics for who thanked instead of just ip. 

  • Thanks for feature request. I will add user name to the stat data in the nearest future.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Very nice plugin and i’m planning to use it. Is it possible to redirect to some other page when you click the button? And can i show the count number in the redirected page and the button doesn’t show the count number at all?

  • Hello, thank. No, redirection after click is not possible in the current version. It’s not the 1st request of such feature. I will consider your suggestion, really for the next update.
    But, it will not be ready soon. I will try to make my best to release it till March.

  • Hi,

     Somebody asked a feature to place more buttons/counters into the same post in this thread already. I plan to realize that.
    Sorry, I couldn’t take commercial order now. But, if you wish to accelerate this feature development, you can make the donation. It will stimulate me to not postpone next release for months, definitely :).

  • Roberto Moura

    Hi! Congrats! This is a great plugin! Vladimir I need a help. 1. I set manual and put on loop.php and single.php. On single.php its ok but on loop.php does not work. I cant even click.

  • Hi! Thanks.
    Check if you places button function call exactly inside post loop at loop.php, not beyond it. In other case button will not work, as it uses current post ID for internal purposes.

  • Xhowiexo

    Possible to display all usernames under the button, who have klicked thanks button?

    [thankyou button]

    Have thanked: username1, username2, username3,….

  • Nothing impossible. Plugin should start to store logged-in user names who clicked button for that.
    It could be OK for 3-5 clicks. But what do you plan to show if you have 100 or 200+ clicks? Limit users list to last 5 or what?

  • Xhowiexo

    Thank you for your quick answer Vladimir. Thanks button in PHPBB shows just all names one after one. For me it would be fine too, if all will be displayed. Maybe its possible add a pagination, accordion or add an admin setting how much users like to be displayed.
    One more desire vladimir. Can you modify the widget for me too? I need display it like this:
    Last thanks:
    [user] for post [post]
    [user] for post [post]

    Total thanks: xxxx

  • Treehill

    Take a look at this…

    I used this plugin before, and everything worked correctly…it seems that in above link jquery is not working, or?
    Any ideas?

  • I clicked on button, nothing was happend.  But counter was increased by 1, when I reloaded the page. Thus JQuery works, as I use JQuery AJAX request to send ‘thanks’ to server. 
    Do you use some pages cashing plugin? May be problem sits there…

  • Treehill

    I tried a clean install, on a diferent domain without plugins (…it looks like a new version of your plugin, and THESIS theme is not working…in the past they did… 🙁

  • Xhowiexo

    Hello Vladimir, something new with my desired changes on thankyou counter button (display users who has thanked post)? My name in the post is Xhowiexo

  • Hello Xhoviexo,

    Thanks again for feature request. I will consider it in my development plan. But I didn’t work on it yet. You should not wait that this feature becomes available soon.

  • I have not THESIS to make tests. Could you please remove 1 thank for IP restriction from your test resource? I could play with it more then. It seems that server part works fine, I see it valid answer. But we have something wrong with client Javascript part, which processes server answer.

  • Treehill


  • Thanks.
    I isolated the problem. Plugin allows to have more the one button at the same post and counts them from 1. For some reason all buttons at your posts are numbered from 2. Javacript code stops processing if button with 1 is not found. So it never reaches button with 2 on your page.
    It’s possible to change algorithm which searches buttons on the page, but I wish to understand, what is really goes wrong with Thanks button at your site.

    I suppose that you have some code inserted somewhere which is not included into resulted HTML output, but generates code for “Thank You” button.
    Please check, may be shortcode [thankyou] or manual function thanks_button() call was inserted somewhere but isn’t included into final HTML by other logic, etc… Look into your functions.php

  • Treehill

    Hmmm, no I did not find in functions.php nothing similiar. but since it is a clean install….

    I can not reset counters either…maybe a database problem?

  • Yes, you mentioned that you tried clean WP installation. May be some theme or other plugin functionality leads to double TYCB code execution. Anyway I should make client side JS-code more universal. And I will do.

    What’s happend when you try to reset counters? Error message, etc.?

  • Treehill

    nothing…just nothing…it reloads an everything stays the same… ….this is a clean install…there was no widgets, no plugins…wp, thesis,thank you button ….
    Now I installed everything…but it didnt work at the begining…

  • Try to add
    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    into wp-config.php and see if error messages willl appear or not.

  • You can reset counters manually via your favorite SQL tool. Execute such commands:
    update wp_thank_counters set quant=0, updated=CURRENT_TIMESTAMP where post_id=113 limit 1;
    Do not forget to replace ‘wp_’ with your WP database prefix and 113 with your post ID.
    Second command is:
    DELETE FROM wp_thanks_readers WHERE post_id=113;

  • Is it possible to setup email notifications to notify the post author of new “thank you”s? Perhaps an email once every 24 hours that says something like, “You’ve received %n of thank yous on your post: *Post Link*”?

  • Yes, it’s possible. Thanks for the feature request. I will implement it in the next version of TYCB plugin.

  • Is this compatible with bbpress??

  • I did not check that.

  • It does appear to work in bbpress. I didn’t know which function to use, so I used
    “echo do_shortcode(“[thankyou]”);” and called it using one of bbpress’s hooks. Now it appears and works just fine in my test site.

  • Interesting! I should take a look on that myself and make additional advertisement at plugin description :).
    If bbpress stores posts from its threads as custom post type at wp_posts table it will work correctly, if it doesn’t – statistics functionality will be broken I suppose.

  • manfred

    Hi, I would like to have the button under each comment and not on every post/blog, is that possible, couldn’t see it in settings, thanks

  • Hi,
    It’s not possible to show button for comments. This feature is not realized in this plugin.

  • wordpress beginner

    I would like to have it so Guests can only like once per IP

    But i would like Users to thank a post once per user

    (multiple e-mails can thank the same post on the same computer)

    please healp…

  • Thank you for the reasonable suggestion. I will realize it till 2013, January, 10th.

  • xhowiexo

    Hi Vladimir, after I updated to WordPress 3.5 and click on the Counter Button it shows me an popup box with [object Object] in it.
    Further I want to ask about my desired function, to show all usernames under the thank you-button, who has thanked post.

  • Hi,
    I suppose it’s not related to WP 3.5 update directly, as TYCB works under 3.5 here. Please send me link to your page, where I can test it.
    I remember your suggestion. It will be realized in a week or two with high probability. I have a week of New Year holidays and plan to work on plugins.

  • Hi, guys.

    I promised to update this plugin in according to your valuable suggestions. I have to postpone that again, to the end of January possibly, as I had a lot of other work.
    Thanks for your patience.

  • Mathias Aeschlimann

    cool plugin. is there a way to configure whether the counter appears before or after the button label text?

  • Thanks. No, there is no such option. It is hardcoded into getThanksCaption() function at thankyou_lib.php file.

  • hi, i really want the thank you button, but i don’t understand much. the text shows up on my home page, but not the button. mysql does have ‘create’ permission, but nothing is listed. what do i add to that database to allow the thank you plugin to work?

  • Hi, please send the link to your home page with not working or not showing correctly button and screenshot of TYCB plugin Settings page. I will try find the reason.

  • Aleksey

    How to remove the key from the records of the search result?

  • Алексей

    Сразу не догадался что можно спросить на русском. Очень хороший плагин, пользуюсь, но обнаружил что в результатах поиска кнопка все же отображается, не красиво выглядит. В категориях и метках все отлично, как можно сделать что бы она исчезла из записей которые выводятся при использовании поиска?

  • Речь идет о стандартном поиске WordPress?

  • Could you help me to display the thumbnail image on TYCB widget please?

  • Do we talk about post featured image or about any 1st image found at post content?

  • Melbourne

    I am trying to use this for the comments but no luck so far. I can’t or I didn’t find how yet?

  • Yes, you can not. Plugin works for posts and pages only. Thanks for idea where to extend plugin functionality.

  • It is limitation of current version of User Role Editor. I plan to add separate field for role name in the next version (May, 2013).

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will think. May be I will add the shortcode for that.

  • Cheryl

    Excellent plug-in! When I hover over the “thanks” box, it says “click to LEFT thanks for this post”. First, it should say “leave” instead of “left”. Secondly, I changed thanks to “Respect”. How do I change the wording inside the hover box?

  • Thanks for the help. I will update that text according to the correct grammar.
    You may find it to replace with your own at file thankyou.php, line #234

  • yuck_foo

    Hi, when someone clicks the button on one post, it adds 1 ‘thank you’ to all posts. So all posts all have the same amount of ‘thank you’s. Any ideas? Thank you

  • Hi,
    Send me URL to see this in action.

  • yuck_foo
  • I do not see ‘Thank you’ buttons there.

  • yuck_foo

    coder before me changed it to ‘XoXo – Love’.

  • Button is placed beyond the post content. This way it is related to the whole blog with id=0. Try to remove this shortcode (I suppose it is included directly into theme file) and user plugin Settings page to include the button into posts and show it at blog Home page. As it was done here at

  • yuck_foo

    Makes perfect sense, not sure what the guy who installed it was trying to accomplish. Works great now, thanks!

  • Thanks for letting me know.

  • brock

    i cant find the button?where is it

  • Check the plugin settings page, if you turned on needed controls to show button at your posts or pages.

  • Kaylee

    Hello there,

    I installed a Thank You button, but it doesn’t seem to work. It just doesn’t increment at all when clicked on. I also don’t see a tycb.log file anywhere in my Plugins folder to try to figure out what the problem is. Is there any chance that you could help? The button is here:

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Kaylee,

    JavaScript form TYCB plugin was not loaded at this page. I see you use “WP-Super-Cache” plugin. Try to clear page cache. In order cache plugin rebuild this page taking into account TYCB plugin stuff.


  • t.momo

    Can this plugin use multisite?

  • This plugin works at WordPress multisite the same way as for the single site. It should be configured separately at every single site and shows statistics for the selected single site.

  • Bob

    Is there a way to have more than one button?

  • No. This plugin allows to configure the only kind of button.

  • How can we show who Click the thank you Button I mean to say User/Guest on the page

  • pointsofview

    How can I change my mysql data base to have “CREATE” permission? Ive set it all up only then reading about the requirement…hopefully I dont need to redo the whole site with a new install…

  • If you installed WordPress and possibly TYCB plugin, then your database user has this privilege already. It is right for the most of cases.

  • pointsofview

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Ive created a wordpress site and already added the TYCB plugin and set it up but the numbers are not working, so only then I read about the CREATE requirement…so I dont have the CREATE privilage.. what would be the easiest way for me to fix this– is it possible to do so through the wp-config file? or do I need ot go to mySql and dig there and if so, where?

  • It is for other reason definitely. Without ‘create’ privilege you could not install WordPress and DB tables are created during its installation.
    There are some conflict with plugins or theme possibly. Check browser JavaScript console for the error messages. Show it, if you find one.

  • pointsofview

    thanks again– this is the error I get in the javascript console- what do you think is wrong?

  • pointsofview
  • Thanks. The problem that JavaScript code from TYCB plugin was not loaded.
    Do you use a shortcode to show a button inside a post?
    Please show me a screenshot of the TYCB plugin Setting page.

  • pointsofview

    Yes, Im using a shortcode as I want it to display only in the home page. I also tried different variations but none seems to work. I hope there is a way to make it work as I really like this plugin 🙂 any help would be appreciated !

  • Settings are correct. I found main error, which you did not show:
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

    What version of TYCB plugin do you use? The latest version 4.19 should load this file from the ‘js’ subfolder (thanks-you-counter-button/js/thankyou.js), not from the plugin root folder. Try to clear page cache if you use any caching plugin.

  • pointsofview

    strange.. I do have the latest version Version 1.9 – as I just installed it fresh this week… i’ve emptied the cache and cleared browser and still nothing changes.. Ill try to reinstall it and see, otherwise– what else should I do?

  • If that will not help, let me test your theme at my test site. If it’s free send me its download link. If it’s a paid product send installation package .zip to vladimir [at-sign]

  • pointsofview

    Thanks for looking into that 🙂 the Theme is Edin, its free, info here–

    Thanks !

  • I repeated this issue at my own test site. Thanks. I will contact you when I will prepare a fix for it.

  • pointsofview

    Thanks, keep me posted !

  • Try updated version 1.9.1

  • pointsofview

    It works !!!! at first with just an update it didn’t work but i reinstalled it and VOILA ~! you are the best, thanks !!!

  • Excellent! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi, it stopped working (doesn’t appear in the widgets list) after I upgraded to wordpress 4.3–en_GB. Any idea what went wrong?

  • Hi Lucia,

    Thanks for the information. I will try to return with a solution ASAP.

  • Lucia,
    Update to the version 1.9.2, which fixed this issue.

  • Hi,

    Some visitors reported that the ‘thank you’ button does not work although it is working fine for me.
    It stated “Wrong Answer Format” when pressed. You can visit my website via link in my Disqus profile.

  • Adham


    I really like TYCB plug-in and working for me like charm, Thanks so much for your effort.

    I used img url and i changed the button with my own shape, but i need the button after click and if visitors/users IP found.. the button should to change into another image.

    i dont have more experience with coding but i know little things after searching, someting like that:

    #style {

    background-image: (url/..);


    #style:hover {

    background-image: (url/..);


    #style:focus {



    #style:active {



    So please how can i do this?

    And Thanks again!