User Role Editor 3.1 is published

User Role Editor

User Role Editor

Version 3.1 of User Role Editor WordPress plugin is published. New features are:
– add new capability box;
– delete unused capability (except core WordPress capabilities) box;
– assign capabilities direct to user additionally to the role assigned to him;
– PHP4 is not supported by this plugin anymore. Update your site to PHP5 in order to use this plugin and near to release WordPress 3.2 🙂
– minor bugs and compatibility with other plugins fixes.
To get more information read these articles:
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  • Carlos Giles


    Thank you for your plugin it does a really good job setting up the roles, Nonetheless I think I’ve found  a bug: 
    When the plugin is active nobody can moderate comments (except for admin) I have tried several combinations of capabillities (I have thick them all with a role) and still doesn’t work.

    I install a brand new WordPress, download the plugin, once activated editor, author etc. can’t longer moderate comments.  Any idea about whats happening?

    Wordpress 3.1.2 and 3.1.3
    User Role editor 3.1

  • Carlos Giles

    After some testing and debuggin I’ve figure it out that is not your plugin’s fault it’s a third-party plugin that is preventing any user (except admin) to moderate comments. That means that no matter how many capabilities I gave to a new user it will not moderate comments

  • Thanks for letting me know that User Role Editor is not the reason of your problem, finally. May be it will better to use some other plugin with similar functionality?

  • Anonymous

    Vlad, Sorry about the late answer, thank you for your advice But I haven’t found anyother plugin that has similar functionality, nonetheless I found the error, the plugin wasn’t encue an ajax call if the user is not an administrator: current user can ‘administrator’, after change this to current user can ‘manage_options’ all worked like a charm 🙂 with your plugin.

  • That’s cool. Thanks.