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Admin Menu Editor WordPress plugin

Admin Menu Editor

Are you interested in customizing your WordPress admin (back-end) menu? Did you ever wish to show some WordPress menu items for selected category of users? Do you wish to change some capabilities, WordPress assigned to its menu items by default, in order to adopt WordPress behavior to your purpose? There is a good tool to use for that.
Plugin Name: “Admin Menu Editor”;
Author: WhiteShadow;
Version: This plugin is available in two versions:
Free version via WordPress plugins repository. The latest version for the moment of this review is 1.1.9.
Premium version with some additional extra features is available also on “Admin Menu Editor” plugin developer’s site.
You can find “Admin Menu Editor” menu item under the “Settings” menu. It’s name is “Menu Editor”, without “Admin”. Do not be confused with that.
“Admin Menu Editor” settings page looks nice. You see main WordPress menu column to the left and submenu for currently selected main menu item to the right.
Admin Menu Editor settings page

Admin Menu Editor settings page

Use drag-and-drop technique to change the sort order of menu or submenu items. Both menu and submenu sections of Menu Editor have toolbars with the next actions: Cut, Copy, Paste, New, Show/Hide, Delete. You can add new separator to the menu. Submenu can be resorted in ascending or descending order automatically.
To open menu properties list click down-arrow icon to the right of menu item name:
Admin Menu Editor menu item properties

Admin Menu Editor menu item properties

You can change menu item title, required user capability, even PHP file WordPress will call when user click on this menu item.
Do not forget to press “Save Changes” button before you leave “Menu Editor” page, if you don’t wish to lose your changes.
In case you wish to return WordPress menu into its default state use “Load Default Menu” button.

Plugin author kindly included escape option on case unpredictable disaster. Use this URL parameters for that:

Attention! User “Hide” menu item option with caution. It hides selected menu item visually, but doesn’t block access to it. That is, if you hide ‘Comments’ menu item using ‘Hide’ feature only of “Admin Menu Editor” plugin, user still can type in browser URL, like
“…/wp-admin/edit-comments.php” and get WordPress comments moderation page. If security is important in your case, then change ‘required capability’ and use correspondent user role, modified with “User Role Editor” WordPress plugin instead.

Little example

Let’s imagine that you wish to block comments moderation for your blog users with ‘Author’ role. As you know this feature is managed by ‘edit_posts’ capability now. Thus, if user can edit post, he can moderate comments for that post and see all other comments too. How to leave user functionality for editing posts, but remove comments moderation from him?
You can do that, not writing a line of PHP code, with help of “Admin Menu Editor” WordPress plugin. Just change value of ‘Required capability’ for “Comments” menu item and “All Comments” submenu item from "edit_posts" to "moderate_comments". Save your changes. That’s all. Users with “Author” role will not see “Comments” menu item anymore.

Bonus for patient readers.

Free version of “Admin Menu Editor” WordPress plugin shows “Upgrade to Pro” links in two places of plugin settings page. If you decided, that free version functionality is quite enough for your purpose and you don’t plan to buy Pro version of this plugin, you have option to hide this Pro version advertisement. Insert PHP code, you see below, into your theme functions.php file to achieve that.

add_filter('admin_menu_editor_is_pro', 'ame_is_pro');
function ame_is_pro() {
  return true;

This hack was tested with the plugin version 1.1.9.

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