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WP Sanitize WordPress plugin review

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

WP Sanitize or Simple Optimization - who's the author

WP Sanitize or Simple Optimization

I’m interesting in WordPress security plugins. Recently, going through WordPress plugins repository I found one which looked promising. “WP Sanitize checks for potential security vulnerabilities and keeps your WordPress database optimized”, – this is quote from its description. I decided to test it.

Author: Mr. Vibe
Version: 1.0
Download link :

I thought, how’s that possible with size 2 Kb only to check security vulnerabilities? May be it uses some web service for that? What critical data plugin sends to external site then in order to make security test? So I went through the code and discovered that there is no any real or potential vulnerabilities checking in the current version of plugin.

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Get MySQL Table Size

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

MySQL table size

MySQL Table Size

What to do if you need to know some MySQL database table real size? Thanks to MySQL, it is not very complex task. There is no need to know the table row length and multiply it on quant of rows in that table. Just remember about MySQL system database called information_schema. It has right information for those who want to get DB table real size. Let’s look into the information_schema.tables table. We will use next fields from it:
TABLE_SCHEME (database name),
TABLE_NAME (it is self-explaining),
TABLE_ROWS (quant of rows in the table),
DATA_LENGTH (table data length in bytes),
INDEX_LENGTH (table indexes length in bytes)

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Welcome to ShinePHP Forum

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

ShinePHP Forum

ShinePHP Forum

ShinePHP forum is installed. It is ready to accept new members. Registration procedure is very easy. Thanks to bbPress. Just register, get your password by email and make your posts in a minute.
You are Welcome! It doesn’t matter: have you some problem with your current Web development task, have you new idea about cool WordPress plugin, or you don’t know whom to ask to develop it. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, – if you have troubles with some tasks or wish to share your excellent knowledges – You Are Welcome! Become ShinePHP Forum member and[nothankyou]

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PHP code to execute MySQL script

Thursday, September 10th, 2009



There are advanced and comfortable tools to manage your MySQL databases. For example:

But sometimes you can not use those tools and need the ability to execute some SQL script on server by your own hands, easy and fast way. What to do in such situation? Use this PHP code to execute all SQL commands from SQL script text file, one by one:

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