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WooCommerce multiple vendors setup

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

WooCommerse with multiple vendors

WooCommerse with multiple vendors

WooCommerce multiple vendors decision – is it possible to setup this popular WordPress plugin for eCommerce that way?
WooCommerce is designed for the only shop owner by default. Yes, you may assign the ‘Shop Manager’ role more than to one user simultaneously, but all of them will have the same permissions. All of them will be the boss at your e-shop. What to do if you wish that your e-shop has multiple sellers with limited rights for editing their own selling items only? That is a seller or vendor (e.g. software developer) may input and publish at your e-shop his own items (software applications) only? Is it possible without additional programming? Read further and I show you one of the possible decisions.

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Post views stats WordPress plugin review

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

is post views stats ready for use

Is “Post views stats” ready for use?

“Post views stats” WordPress plugin purpose is to count views for your blog posts and show them at WordPress admin back-end in convenient way. It adds ‘View count’ column to the general posts list, and shows such statistics at separate page linked to “Track Post View” WordPress admin menu item, where you may filter out post view count for needed period, just select valid dates. I will not reproduce plugin in action screenshots here as they are included into plugin package itself and could be viewed as at, as at As the bonus, blogger may show list of most popular plugins at blog sidebar, using special widget.
For the 1st glance, “Post views stats” plugin does its work honestly, quickly and effectively. But after looking inside plugin source code I changed my opinion. Let me explain, why it was happend.

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Stop SPAM registrations for WordPress

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
Stop spam registrations

Stop spam registrations

Is your WordPress blog opened for new user registrations? If “YES”, then you are familiar with a lot of users registered every day. But the most of those users do not login, do not make posts. It seems that there are no real users behind such registrations. All these contacts like:
– “yqvcevsjc (”,
– “ymmoncmn7 (”,
– “ (”, etc.
are SPAM registrations obviously. These fake users at WordPress database cost you a time to delete them, create the mess from your lovely users list, so you (and me together with you) have strong desire to Stop SPAM registrations. Do You?

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