Delete Default Post WordPress plugin or Where do We go

Where do We go?

Where do We go?

Where do we go? It was the first question I asked myself when I discovered “Delete default post” WordPress plugin in the repository. Plugin makes exactly that is declared in its title – deletes the ‘Welcome to WordPress’ post and correspondent dummy “Hi, this is a comment” comment which every WordPress blog has just after fresh installation. The question is “What should the author of this plugin think about its potential users to propose them such functionality?”.
If user can install and activate plugin he/she definitely can to delete unneeded post or comment using WordPress built-in functionality. Post and comment has hint about such possibility too. If blogger can’t delete unneeded post or comment – blogging will be very difficult hobby for such person possibly, and it will be better for he/she to do something else.

Second thought was that plugin author just playing, studying probably. But plugin description has not such declaration. Moreover has the post “How to remove the default post and comment from wordpress” which proposes the help with default post and comment deletion with full seriousness: install plugin and you will be happy.
If it is a joke, let’s smile and continue this thread with ideas of new brilliant WordPress plugins:
– how to delete the post by its title;
– how to open installed plugins list;
– how to add new post;
– etc., etc…

For those who think that this plugin can be useful: go to the WordPress admin back-end, open comments list, click ‘Trash’ link for the comment which you wish to delete. Then open posts list and click the ‘Trash’ link for the post which you wish to delete.
Has it some sense to download and install the special plugin to fulfil the ordinal very simple one-time task using the standard WordPress interface instead?

Do not forget that you have to deactivate and drop “Delete Default Post WordPress plugin” just after installation. It is waste of time to use such plugin for this purpose, isn’t it? Does such plugin make WordPress blog owner life easier, WordPress more convenient or saves time? No it doesn’t.

Plugin code is very short and simple:

    wp_delete_post(1, TRUE);

Warning! Post and comment are deleted by its ID=1 after plugin activation without any confirmation questions and showing post title before deletion. If you don’t delete the default post but changed its content, you risk to lose such post if you install and activate this plugin. So be carefull when playing with new toys :).

And last thought about this plugin:
readme.txt file says that the plugin is compatible with WordPress 2.7.2 or higher. Let’s see to the wp_delete_post() function call above. Author sends to this function two parameters. But second parameter is appeared just in WordPress 2.9. Since WordPress 2.9.2 this function becomes

function wp_delete_post( $postid = 0, $force_delete = false )

Earlier WordPress versions has this:

function wp_delete_post($postid = 0)

So plugin activation with WordPress version earlier then 2.9 should raise ‘wrong parameters number’ PHP error or at least a warning.

Review is finished. Thanks for reading.

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