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A lot of people, who use WordPress, spend time searching good plugins. I’m one of them. I have a few WordPress sites and use different plugins their. Right place to search plugins is the WordPress plugins repository. It contains 24 000+ free plugins from hundreds of enthusiastic authors right now. That’s excellent. But that has a drawbacks too. Plugins developers appear and disappear. Every day new guys started new work, but some guys or girls stop it, forever. Thus the list of plugins is overwhelmed by old, outdated code, which is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
Did you ever meet with situation, when you searched plugin for your special need at, digged the Internet by hours, but without any success, and then, some time ago, you accidentally found some post about brilliant professionally made plugin, which sitted silently at WordPress plugins repository long time? Or you found that, what you need eventually, but – how many time did you spend on it?
When you search plugin, you waste time to select your right tool from that old code. Did you ever dream about convenient and powerful search engine for WordPress plugins? Me do. WordPress plugin search process could be more exact, robust, convenient and productive – here, at for example.

Look this short video to catch the main idea of how to find WordPress plugins effectively, not spending efforts on obsolete code, which not updated long time:

For more information look on this page and better give a try to this WordPress plugins search service. I think you may like it. As for me – I love it, really, as I developed it myself :).