Incoming WordPress 2.9.1.

WordPress 2.9.1 Incoming

WordPress 2.9.1

December 23, 2009 WordPress Development team announced the WordPress 2.9.1 Beta release. You can see the original post at WordPress Development Blog.
First, critical bugs were fixed in order to process scheduled posts and pingbacks correctly. Some other lesser critical updates were made too. Full list of updated/fixed issues, original discussion between WP developers together with code changes can be found at WordPress Bug Tracker. WordPress 2.9.1 Beta 1 package can be downloaded for the evaluation here.
Looking for general review of updates which were made in WordPress 2.9.1? Continue reading.
Comparing WordPress 2.9 and 2.9.1 Beta installation packages I have got the list of updated files in 2.9.1 Beta 1 version:

  • wp-admin/includes/files.php – download timeout was increased from 1 up to 5 minutes;
  • wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php – typo is corrected, “counter-clockwise” text was used instead of “couter-clockwise”;
  • wp-admin/includes/template.php – It is security update: URL sanitizing function esc_url() is added in some places where it was missed but is required.
  • wp-admin/maint/repair.php – typo in the database prefix was fixed “wpdb” is used instead of wrong “wpb”;
  • wp-admin/options-general.php, wp-admin/options.php,
    – some time zone usage staff was updated. Deprecated “Etc/GMT” zone was removed from list of available zones (UTC and Manual Offset zones are added instead), etc.;
  • wp-admin/core-update.php – future WP versions comparison condition and typo in HTML syntax ending “</p>” tag which was used without slash were fixed;
  • wp-admin/wp-admin.css, wp-admin/wp-admin-dev.css,
    -some CSS (e.g. some buttons missed its rounded corners) and related code were updated;
  • wp-includes/class-json.php, wp-includes/compat.php – JSON usage and header sending issue was fixed;
  • wp-includes/default-widgets.php – call of _destruct() method for non-existing object was fixed;
  • wp-includes/formatting.php – more exact regular expression was used to remove line breaks from the text input: /\s+/ was changed to /[\r\n\t ]+/
  • wp-includes/http.php – CURL timeout definition code was updated. CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MS usage was excluded due to bug in some CURL versions;
  • wp-includes/user.php – update sanitizes things that are strings or numbers only not objects as earlier whiche caused the fatal error;
  • wp-includes/version.php – as you guessed already it is version change from 2.9 to 2.9.1 beta update 🙂