Silence is Golden Guard WordPress plugin v. 1.5 update

Silence is golden guard plugin is updated


Next update v.1.5 is available for Silence is Golden Guard WordPress plugin. With the help of plugin users incompatibility with WP Super Cache plugin was discovered and fixed. The problem was that blog with WP Super Cache plugin active becomes unavailable after activating of SIG plugin. Analysis showed that index.php file with redirection directive in the wp-super-cache/plugins directory results in the endless redirection loop which block the blog front-end and admin back-end access. From version 1.5 SIG plugin checks if WP Super Cache is active and create then empty index.php file for the wp-super-cache/plugins directory without redirection directive. The incompatibility issue is resolved this way.
If you have WP Super Cache under different path, not the default wp-super-cache/ and met with redirection loop problem then remove redirection directive from wp-super-cache/plugins/index.php file manually. Delete first line with SIG stamp too. WP Super Cache loads and executes all .php files which it founds at the wp-super-cache/ folder. So this file MUST be empty, e.g. standart WordPress dummy index.php:

// Silence is golden

This will resolve your problem. If it doesn’t – write a comment here. I will try to research your issue and help you.
You can check the wp-super-cache/plugins folder for exclusion from the SIG plugin scan process at the SIG settings page also.

Thanks to Donncha (WP Super Cache plugin author) for the quick answer about his plugin functionality.

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