Stop SPAM registrations for WordPress

Stop spam registrations

Stop spam registrations

Is your WordPress blog opened for new user registrations? If “YES”, then you are familiar with a lot of users registered every day. But the most of those users do not login, do not make posts. It seems that there are no real users behind such registrations. All these contacts like:
– “yqvcevsjc (”,
– “ymmoncmn7 (”,
– “ (”, etc.
are SPAM registrations obviously. These fake users at WordPress database cost you a time to delete them, create the mess from your lovely users list, so you (and me together with you) have strong desire to Stop SPAM registrations. Do You?
I searched the Internet, read blogs and found effective decision, that really works for me.

Stop spammer user registrations WordPress plugin

I had about 10 spam user registrations a day before installing “Stop spammer user registrations” WordPress plugin. And, thanks, to plugin’s author Keith P. Graham, I have one or two SPAM registrations a week only now. Compare the difference. Good job! Look on the real data from plugin’s statistics page, estimate how much time it could save for you:

I will not tell you in this post, how plugin does his work and what technology it uses in order to stop SPAM registrations for your lovely WordPress blog. Plugin author Keith P. Graham made this job already and made it excellently. You may read plugin description at or at plugins repository.
I just wish to tell you that I tested this plugin myself on my own sites and results are incredible.

Plugin Settings

While “Stop spammers registrations” plugin has a lot of options for tuning or optimizing its work according to your own preferences, it is the straightforward decision. It works just from the box. But it doesn’t mean that there are no need to open Settings page after plugin activation. You should visit menu item “Settings”-“Stop Spammers” and fulfill next important step –
using “Check Your IP” button at the top of the page “Self Check” be sure that plugin doesn’t count you as a spammer by mistake, like some kind of the “false positives”.
All plugin options are well commented. You can look on them in details at the image gallery below, at the end of the post.
After plugin activation go through the options list and decide what do you wish to turn ON and what to switch OFF.

Pay attention to the “Check credentials on all login attempts” option at the “Prevent Lockouts” section. Quote from this option comment: “Normally the plugin checks for spammers before WordPress can try to log in a user. If you check this box, every attempt to login will be tested for a valid user. This may allow a hacker to guess your user id and password by making thousands of attempts to login. This is turned on initially to prevent you from being locked out of your own blog, but should be unchecked after you verify that the plugin does not think you are a spammer”. According to it you need to switch it off.

At “IP Checking” section turn on “Check IP address” option. Quote: “Unchecking this cripples the plugin and should only be done if the user is behind some kind of router or firewall that cannot see the incoming IP address. If it looks like everyone has the same IP then uncheck this box”. Thus, this option should be turned on in the most of cases.

At “Access Denied Options” section plugin has this message by default:

Access Denied
This site is protected by the Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin.

I deleted 2nd string to not show spammers too much information. Remember – “Silence is golden” :).

Comparing to other plugins authors Keith didn’t include to his plugin donation link or button. As he is the author of some published books he offers to buy some of his books. As the sign of appreciation I duplicate the screenshot of that section here:

In case you have read this section and don’t wish to see it anymore at plugin Settings page, just switch off Remove “Buy The Book” option at the very bottom of that page.

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