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Phishing email to steal PayPal account

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Phishing email - original image is Pilibosian

Phishing email

Checking email today morning I got warning about my PayPal personal information change. 1st thought which I should have: “Oh, my God! Someone compromised my PayPal account. I should go there and check, as fast as possible. Oh, I see paypal link right here in email text. Click it, input login credentials to check my account…”. Can you have such thoughts in similar situation? I think you can. Do not hurry. This is very important at such moment – do not make stupid things. Scammer wait you will go this way and act by his scenario. Do not become a victim.
First of all remember, on what email you PayPal account is registered and look, on what email you got this message. Other one? Do not worry about it. Investigate it together with me, just for pleasure, and delete. 2nd, thing we should always check from what email such message was sent. My email client shows ‘PayPal <>’. Is it from domain? No. Delete this message.

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