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Plugins Language Switcher 1.4 is published

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Plugins Language Switcher

Plugins Language Switcher

Plugins Language Switcher WordPress plugin version 1.4 is published May, 22nd, 2012.
I extended plugin’s users base. While administrators only used this plugin earlier, any registered user with ‘edit_posts’ capability can use “Plugins language switcher” now. Starting from version 1.4, look for “Plugins language switcher” menu item under “Tools” submenu.

Plugins Garbage Collector Dutch

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Plugins Garbage Collector Dutch Translation

PGC Dutch

Dutch translation for the Plugins Garbage Collector WordPress plugin is available at May 25th, 2010 with version 0.6. Thanks to Arthur for the help with making Plugins Garbage Collector WordPress plugin available for Dutch users in their native language.

Other langauge existing translation files need to be updated to correpond the current changes.
Help of the former translators and (of course) newcomers are very appreciated!


Plugins Garbage Collector Italian

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Plugins Garbage Collector Italian

PGC Italian

Italian translation for the Plugins Garbage Collector WordPress plugin was available first time at May 12th, 2010 with version 0.5 and updated at May 18th, 2010 with version 0.5.2. Thanks to Alessandro Mariani for the help with making Plugins Garbage Collector WordPress plugin available for italian users in their native language and continued support.
Do you have PGC translation in some other language? Share it with other WordPress users.
Some phrases in PGC translation files still need to be translated. Do you wish to help? You are welcome![nothankyou]

Plugins Language Switcher WordPress Plugin

Monday, May 10th, 2010

WordPress Back-End Interface Language Switcher

Plugins Language Switcher

Plugins Language Switcher WordPress plugin allows to use different language (from WordPress default one) for WordPress back-end interface. It is useful for example if your blog front-end configured as Spanish but you (or your blog editors and authors) wish to work at back-end with their native language, e.g. English. Another variant of this plugin usage is other plugins translation testing without change of the whole blog language WPLANG constant value.
This plugin shows in the language selection drop down list all languages which you have in blog wp-content/languages and wp-content/plugins directories. It is possible to setup different back-end languages for different users. Plugin stores selected language value locally on user’s computer using cookies.

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User Role Editor v.2.0.3 Japanese translation

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Japanese translation update

Japanese translation update

User Role Editor WordPress plugin Japanese translation is added with v. 2.0.3 release at April 14th, 2010. Thanks to for the help.
After 6 months of participation in WordPress plugins developement I still wonder how people from all over the World help each other in order to make their sweet blog platform better. Thanks to all current and future contributors!
One useful note: Please not be confused with usual WordPress language translation files naming scheme name-nn_NN.po,, where nn_NN – language code, e.g. it_It, es_Es, etc. Such scheme is valid not for all languages. For example for Japanese we must use just a ja as the language code.
So today, at April, 15, 2010 I had to rename ure-ja_JP.po and files to ure-ja.po and The source of information about WordPress specific language codes can be found here. I didn’t change plugin version and left it as 2.0.3 to not bother plugin users with plugin update requirement. If you downloaded URE 2.0.3 package yesterday, just rename Japanese language files according to the scheme above or download the latest installation package.
User Role Editor plugin description and download link are available at this page. [nothankyou]

User Role Editor German translation update

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Translation Update

Translation Update

User Role Editor WordPress plugin German translation is updated with plugin v. 2.0.2 release at April 11th, 2010. Thanks to Peter for continued support.

To make new version of the plugin available to public faster I use on-line translators to update plugin language files. Of course, I understand, that easy accessible automated translation technologies (Google, Yahoo, other on-line services) are not good enough yet to replace a human in this field. So I include such on-line translated files into plugin’s package just as the starting point for some enthusiastic person to help me with real human translation. If you can help with my plugins translation to other languages, you are welcome! Left me your email via Contact form and I will send you my email address where you can send translation files.
I use Poedit software for work with translation files. If you have not experience in translation files creation/modification please read this article and related materials.

User Role Editor plugin is available for download here. [nothankyou]