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Stop SPAM registrations for WordPress

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
Stop spam registrations

Stop spam registrations

Is your WordPress blog opened for new user registrations? If “YES”, then you are familiar with a lot of users registered every day. But the most of those users do not login, do not make posts. It seems that there are no real users behind such registrations. All these contacts like:
– “yqvcevsjc (”,
– “ymmoncmn7 (”,
– “ (”, etc.
are SPAM registrations obviously. These fake users at WordPress database cost you a time to delete them, create the mess from your lovely users list, so you (and me together with you) have strong desire to Stop SPAM registrations. Do You?

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Optimize WordPress database perfomance

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Optimize WordPress database perfomance

Optimize WordPress database

Optimize WordPress database perfomance – every blog owner got this conclusion, ealier or later, but finally always.
Any site owner asks himself, how can I make my site lighter and faster. What else should I do? What technique to apply? General site speed is critical property for present days. As there are a lot of alternative variants where web-surfer may find and get the same information, large part of visitors do not wait, while their browsers finish download process of slow page. They just return to search engine and click on the next link from the huge list of available sources. This way, we (site owners) lose auditory and, as a result, have a lower traffic. And WordPress blogs are not exclusion. The same general rools are in action for our loving WordPress too. It doesn’t matter, what platform do you use, in order to build your site. It does matter, with what speed your platform delivers content to your site’s visitors.
Reliable hosting service provider; fast and powerful server; wide, high-speed, broadband, backbone channel; popular and effective publishing platform – all of these factors are important and valuable in relation to the final result – your site speed.

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Social Toolbar WordPress plugin review

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Social Toolbar WordPress plugin

Social Toolbar WordPress plugin

Every Internet user have a social account. One, two, ten, twenty five… That depends from person’s social activity at the Internet.
Any WordPress blog/site owner have special accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. to promote there sites.
Thus, having capability of easy showing your visitors your site social channels, enabling visitors to connect to their own social channels in one step with data from your site ready to send – it is a drastic enhancement to site usability, which leads finally to enlargement of traffic, quant of daily visitors, your content quotations at the Internet, that again increases traffic, etc., etc.
There are plenty of different plugins with needed social networking functionality: 440 plugins contain word “social” at description, 334 plugins have word “share” at theirs description. How did I get such data?

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Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin review

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Even ideally written post got defects with time – it could loose links to other posts or external resources inserted into its text. Internet is alive and dynamic system. Thus, it is constantly changing. Pages and even whole sites and URLs or links you referred at your posts together with them go out from the Internet scene on the permanent base. Your brilliant article will contain some garbage inside after referred link death. If you have large blog, with hundreds or even thousands of posts, that’s impossible to check all of them for the links consistency manually. What to do with such sad reality?
– Ta-DA!!! We have the almost ideal decision to fix our posts and return them to their first, ideal state. The name of such decision is “Broken Link Checker” WordPress plugin.

Author: WPMU DEV. Author’s nick at is: whiteshadow.

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Adminimize WordPress plugin review

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Adminimize WordPress Plugin


Do you think, that WordPress admin menu is overloaded? Are there a lot of WordPress admin menu items, which you never use or use from time to time only? Do you ever dream to make your WordPress admin menu little lighter, shorter, easier to use? If Yes, you are on the right way, as due to Bueltge’s respectable efforts WordPress community has free WordPress plugin called, as you have guessed already, A-a-a-d-mini-mize!!!
May be I’m not so good ring fights announcer, but “Adminimize” is one of the plugins, which worth to try that :). With help of “Adminimize” plugin you can setup your own admin menu items list. It is as easy as just a few mouse clicks. Go through correspondent checkboxes, turn on checkboxes for those menu items, which you do not wish to see and your WordPress admin backend menu will be changed accordingly.

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Capabilities set for Custom Post Type

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Special capabilities for custom post type

custom post type capabilities

You configured custom post type at your WordPress managed site. You did it with special plugin or manually. It works good. But what to do, if it uses standard WordPress posts permissions, e.g. ‘edit_posts’, but you need to separate access for standard and custom posts for authors and editors? Does WordPress offer a decision?
Yes. Custom post type may have custom capabilities set defined and it could be fully different from the standard post capabilities set.
What variants do you have?
1st, – use plugin which can manage not just custom post types, but custom capabilities set for those custom post types too. Good example is Custom Post Types UI WordPress plugin. I used it myself long time at my personal Russian language site Inspite of little quant of “Works” reviews at WordPress plugins repository page, I confirm – it works.

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WP Sanitize WordPress plugin review

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

WP Sanitize or Simple Optimization - who's the author

WP Sanitize or Simple Optimization

I’m interesting in WordPress security plugins. Recently, going through WordPress plugins repository I found one which looked promising. “WP Sanitize checks for potential security vulnerabilities and keeps your WordPress database optimized”, – this is quote from its description. I decided to test it.

Author: Mr. Vibe
Version: 1.0
Download link :

I thought, how’s that possible with size 2 Kb only to check security vulnerabilities? May be it uses some web service for that? What critical data plugin sends to external site then in order to make security test? So I went through the code and discovered that there is no any real or potential vulnerabilities checking in the current version of plugin.

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