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Plugins Language Switcher 1.4 is published

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Plugins Language Switcher

Plugins Language Switcher

Plugins Language Switcher WordPress plugin version 1.4 is published May, 22nd, 2012.
I extended plugin’s users base. While administrators only used this plugin earlier, any registered user with ‘edit_posts’ capability can use “Plugins language switcher” now. Starting from version 1.4, look for “Plugins language switcher” menu item under “Tools” submenu.

User Role Editor 3.6.1 is published

Monday, May 7th, 2012

User Role Editor

User Role Editor

User Role Editor WordPress plugin version 3.6.1 is published at May 7th, 2012. It is not major update and it doesn’t contain any new features in the code and functionality. What’s new?
– Italian translation was updated. Thanks to Tristano Ajmone.
– Help link was added to edit_plugins user capability at User Role Editor capabilities management page.

Choose right plugin name

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Choose right name for your WordPress plugin

Choose plugin name

What 1st step should be done when you got a brilliant idea and decided to develop new amazing WordPress plugin? Yes, you need to choose right name for it. There are 27891 names registered at WordPress plugins repository for this moment. So your plugin name should be unique, descriptive, but short enough, in order to user can remember and easy share it. How to make plugin name unique, but do not lose the main sense. It could be good practice to start plugin name from your business name, your own name or nick. This way your plugin name will have its own place in the whole WordPress plugins list and will not be lost between tens or hundreds of other plugins, which try to do similar things and for that reason may have and really have similar names.

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Thank You Counter Button v. 1.8 is published

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Thank You Counter Button v. 1.8

Thank You Counter Button v. 1.8

After long (about a year) silence period we get “Thank You Counter Button” WordPress plugin next version published. Version 1.8 is available now. What’s new in this version:
– CSS classes (thanks_quant_for_post, thanks_total_quant_label, thanks_total_quant_value) were added to sidebar widget. Use it to make your widget more attractive.
– Colon is removed from button caption. So add it manually to the button caption, if you need that.
– RSS feed box was removed from the plugin Settings page.
– Sidebar widget data could be filtered by category now. Just select needed category from the dropdown list at the widget configuration form.
– Thanks from custom post types are shown in the widgets now.
– TYCB plugin Settings form is updated (check your settings after version update, just in case they were changed suddenly 😉 ).
– TYCB Statistics data tab is moved from Settings page to the separate menu item under Tools menu.
– Button image is changed slightly when you hover mouse on it.
More details about “Thank You Counter Button” WordPress plugin is available here.

User Role Editor 3.5 is published

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

User Role Editor WordPress plugin version 3.5

User Role Editor v. 3.5

What’s new in version 3.5 of User Role Editor WordPress plugin?
– User Role Editor could be available now for single site administrators (Administrator role) under multi-site environment. You should define special constant in your blog wp-config.php file for that.
– One of “User Role Editor” users with 1100+ sites in the multi-site network reported that URE doesn’t update roles for all sites, but stalls somewhere in the middle. Other network update method is realized as alternative. Due to my tests it works approximately 30 times faster. If you met the same problem, try it. It will be great if you share your experience with me. But be careful. It’s recommended to make 1st try on the backup copy, not on a live site.
– Persian translation is updated.
Go to User Role Editor Change Log for details.

User Role Editor 3.3 is published

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

User Role Editor v. 3.3 WordPress plugin

User Role Editor 3.3

I published today version 3.3 of “User Role Editor” WordPress plugin. What’s new in this version?
– New role can be created as a copy of other existing one.
– You can hide/show deprecated capabilties (level_1 – level_10).
– Users with “Administrator” role are not shown to other users with “list_users” capability.
– Plugin data cleanup is added – plugin options will be automatically deleted if you delete plugin via WordPress link.
– Some code enhancements are applied, e.g. optimization and using of WordPress API instead of self-written routine.

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Silence is Golden Guard WordPress plugin version 1.8

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Silence is golden guard plugin is updated


Next update, version .1.8 is available for Silence is Golden Guard WordPress plugin.

What’s new?
– Arabic translation is added. Thanks to mr. Ahmad;
– news section was removed from plugin’s Settings page, which should decrease this page load time.

Some part of work on version 2.0 was done, some part is left to do. I’m rewriting code almost from scratch. Some new features will be added to make your loving WordPress blog more silent 🙂 in relation of its security. Look for updates in month or two.