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single.php is called twice – how to stop

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Stop double content rendering

Stop double execution

single.php is called twice for every post view – that was my conclusion after some investigations. How I’ve got it?
Trying to build the list of recently viewed posts I added simple tracking code into my active “Twenty Eleven” theme single.php template file. After that I’was wondered as I’ve got two records in my log instead the only one after any post view. First valid record for just viewed post and second unexpected record for post, which is chronologically next to the viewed post.
Thus WordPress post content rendered at least twice every time visitor clicks on its permalink. It is obvious and unneeded overhead for my opinion. Why it is happened? How to stop this weird behaviour?

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edit_theme_options capability for WordPress user

Friday, September 28th, 2012

edit-theme-options WordPress user capability

edit-theme-options user capability

‘edit_theme_options’ capability seems to be self-explained. It’s primary purpose is to provide access to WordPress front-end theme options changing.
On practice, if you have ‘edit_theme_options’ capability, then you have access to the ‘Appearance’ menu at WordPress admin back-end and to its menu items: “Themes” (select a theme for your WordPress front-end) and “Menus” (edit menus supported by your selected theme). Customize theme header image, background color, etc. section and ‘Widgets’ menu items require ‘edit_theme_options’ capability also.

How it is realized? How often and at what places WordPress uses/checks this user capability – ‘edit_theme_options’ in order to decide give current user permission to edit theme options or prohibit access to such functionality? Let’s check this together. We will make a quick look into WordPress version 3.4.2 core source code and comment its related fragments.

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update_core capability for WordPress user

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

update_core capability

update_core user capability

WordPress Codex gives us nothing about update_core capability for WordPress user, except WordPress version of its appearing in the code – 3.0. I suppose according to its name, that update_core capability is used to decide, if user can update core WordPress file using built-in WordPress upgrade feature or not. What do you think?

Thoughts are just thoughts, while they are not confirmed by practice and strong experiment. Thus, I decided to check this obviouse guess, satisfy my curiosity and investigate, how and for what purpose WordPress uses update_core capability really. Result of my little investigation will be shown to you below.

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Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin review

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Even ideally written post got defects with time – it could loose links to other posts or external resources inserted into its text. Internet is alive and dynamic system. Thus, it is constantly changing. Pages and even whole sites and URLs or links you referred at your posts together with them go out from the Internet scene on the permanent base. Your brilliant article will contain some garbage inside after referred link death. If you have large blog, with hundreds or even thousands of posts, that’s impossible to check all of them for the links consistency manually. What to do with such sad reality?
– Ta-DA!!! We have the almost ideal decision to fix our posts and return them to their first, ideal state. The name of such decision is “Broken Link Checker” WordPress plugin.

Author: WPMU DEV. Author’s nick at is: whiteshadow.

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Admin Menu Editor WordPress plugin review

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Admin Menu Editor WordPress plugin

Admin Menu Editor

Are you interested in customizing your WordPress admin (back-end) menu? Did you ever wish to show some WordPress menu items for selected category of users? Do you wish to change some capabilities, WordPress assigned to its menu items by default, in order to adopt WordPress behavior to your purpose? There is a good tool to use for that.
Plugin Name: “Admin Menu Editor”;
Author: WhiteShadow;
Version: This plugin is available in two versions:
Free version via WordPress plugins repository. The latest version for the moment of this review is 1.1.9.
Premium version with some additional extra features is available also on “Admin Menu Editor” plugin developer’s site.

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Adminimize WordPress plugin review

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Adminimize WordPress Plugin


Do you think, that WordPress admin menu is overloaded? Are there a lot of WordPress admin menu items, which you never use or use from time to time only? Do you ever dream to make your WordPress admin menu little lighter, shorter, easier to use? If Yes, you are on the right way, as due to Bueltge’s respectable efforts WordPress community has free WordPress plugin called, as you have guessed already, A-a-a-d-mini-mize!!!
May be I’m not so good ring fights announcer, but “Adminimize” is one of the plugins, which worth to try that :). With help of “Adminimize” plugin you can setup your own admin menu items list. It is as easy as just a few mouse clicks. Go through correspondent checkboxes, turn on checkboxes for those menu items, which you do not wish to see and your WordPress admin backend menu will be changed accordingly.

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WordPress 3.4 – What’s new?

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Long period of waiting for the new WordPress 3.4 version was finished: if you were starving to get it, touch it, install it on your site, if you almost lost your patience, skipping all those beta 1, beta 2, Release Candidate 1, RC2 releases, if you even tried it at test environment, but still waited that great moment, when you could take it out of the box and put it to the live environment, if, finally, even some little part of written above is about you – we all together have very good news last week – WordPress 3.4 is here, with us! Download it, install it, use it, grow with it, and help to make it better :)!
What’s new in WordPress version 3.4?
– general speed enhancements. WordPress is faster and takes less processor time to fetch its data from the database;
– live theme preview. You can change theme appearance parameters and see how it would be on the fly;
– easy tweets embedding;
– HTML code in the images captions from Media Gallery is allowed now;
– and a lot of changes under the hood, not so easy visible as others, but very useful for developers.

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