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Dear plugin User, if you wish to help me with this plugin translation I very appreciate it. Please contact me via comment here or site Contact form, I will answer you by email.

Greetings and Thanks to

  • Omi for the ideas and help with new versions testing.
  • Whiler for the new ideas, source code contributions and new versions testing.
  • Simon for the excelent JQuery color picker.
  • Arne for setting page layout idea, html markup examples and good XML sitemap generator plugin.
  • DHTMLGoodies for the form input slider code.
  • Eric for the cute online button image generator.


  • 1.8.6 = 19.12.2013
    – CSS fix was applied for compatibility with WordPress default themes: 2012, 2013, 2014
  • 1.8.5 = 12.12.2013
    – Minor bug fixes
    – Spanish translation update. Thanks to Andrew Kurtis [WebHostingHub](
    – Some English grammar mistake fixes.
    – WordPress version compatibility information is updated to 3.8.
  • 1.8.4 = 19.02.2013
    – Link to Detailed Statistics page from settings shortcuts is fixed.
    – WordPress version compatibility information is updated to 3.5.1.
  • 1.8.3 = 20.10.2012
    – Fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability reported by Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP. ‘paged’ parameter sent to thankyou_statistics.php via GET request was not sanitized properly.
    – Minor code cleanup.
  • 1.8.2 = 22.05.2012
    – CSS update for compatibility with WordPress 3.4;
    – JavaScript code update: Reset counter bug was fixed. More universal button HTML elements selection is used. Previous one didn’t work if buttons numeration was started for some reason not from 1.
  • 1.8.1 = 07.04.2012
    – Lithuanian translation is added, thanks to Vincent G.
  • 1.8 = 02.03.2012
    – CSS classes (thanks_quant_for_post, thanks_total_quant_label, thanks_total_quant_value) were added to sidebar widget. Use it to make your widget more attractive.
    – Colon is removed from button caption. So add it manually to the button caption, if you need that.
    – RSS feed box was removed from the plugin Settings page.
    – Sidebar widget data could be filtered by category now. Just select needed category from the dropdown list at the widget configuration form.
    – Thanks from custom post types are shown in the widgets now.
    – TYCB plugin Settings form is updated (check your settings after version update, just in case they were changed suddenly 😉 ).
    – TYCB Statistics data tab is moved from Settings page to the separate menu item under Tools menu.
    – Button image is changed slightly when you hover mouse on it.
  • 1.7.4 = 16.01.2011
    – Chinese Simple translation is added.
  • 1.7.3 = 02.01.2011
    – Bug is fixed. If button is turned off on the home page [nothankyou] shortcode (if used) was visible in the post excerpt at the home page. Thanks to Whiler for discovering that.
  • 1.7.2 = 21.11.2010
    – Turkish translation is added.
  • 1.7.1 = 04.10.2010
    – Italian translation update.
  • 1.7 = 19.09.2010
    – You can use a single global thanks counter button beyond the posts and pages. Place this PHP code <? echo thanks_button(‘Thank You’, true); ?> somewhere on your blog page using theme files and you and your visitors will see it.
    – Uninstall cleanup feature (uninstall.php) is added: plugin deletes all its options and database tables .
    – Usage of deprecated since WordPress 3.0 staff is excluded. Plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0 now.
    – news section is added to the plugin Settings page.
  • 1.6.9 = 30.08.2010 This is a recommended update.
    – XSS security hole in Javascript code is fixed. Thanks to Julio from for discovering and pointing me that.
  • 1.6.8 = 14.08.2010
    – Dutch translation was added.
    – Iranian translation was added.
  • 1.6.7 = 22.06.2010
    – Hungarian translation was added.
  • 1.6.6 = 20.03.2010
    – Belarusian translation was added.
  • 1.6.5 = 19.03.2010
    – Minor bug is fixed for the TYCB dashboard widget content filter hook “thanks_stat_dashboard_row”. Thanks to Whiler who found it. If you don’t use that filter hook you can skip this update.
  • 1.6.4 = 15.03.2010
    – Italian translation was added.
  • 1.6.3 = 13.03.2010
    This is a recommended update. Critical bug was fixed. TYCB widgets code could block blog work as PHP fatal error could occur due to conflict with some other plugins, e.g. wp-cumulus as had been discovered. Thanks to bgd for reporting about it.
    – Prefix ‘thanks’ was added to the constants names in the thanks_widgets.php to exclude possible name conflicts also.
  • 1.6.2 = 12.03.2010
    – German translation was added.
  • 1.6.1 = 30.01.2010
    – Fixed error which stopped the whole blog work if MySQL database error with TYCB plugin was encountered. The TYCB plugin doesn’t work only in such situation now.
    – Your blog tech information and MySQL database errors is written to the tycb.log file in order to help identify the problem if it exists.
    – Warning notice at admin page is added in case of MySQL error occurs during TYCB plugin installation.
  • 1.6 = 20.12.2009
    – Thanks data for Pages (which were hidden earlier) are shown at the Statistics and widgets now.
    – Pagination is added to the Detailed Statistics screen with IP list for the selected post. You can list and look all IPs from wich thanks were sent to your blog. There is no 35 records limit more.
    – Some code optimization is done for the Detailed Statistics page.
  • 1.5 = 06.12.2009
    – New Detailed Statistics screen with IP list for the selected post. Last 35 IP addresses of visitors who clicked button are shown with link to the IP to Country/Region/Town service page where you can check what country/region/city that IP (or any custom input IP) came from (contributed by Whiler).
    – Option to show shorcuts links to the right of the “Thank You” buttons for the logged in blog user with administrator rights. Shortcuts links allows to go to the plugin “Setting” page, open detailed statistics page for the current post, hide all shortcuts with one click (contributed by Whiler).
    – New content filters for widgets are added:
    ‘thanks_stat_sidebar_item’ filter allows to change content of every row at the sidebar TYCB widget;
    ‘thanks_stat_sidebar_total_quant’ filter allows to change content of total quant counter at the sidebar TYCB widget;
    ‘thanks_stat_dashboard_row’ filter allows to change content of every row at the dashboard TYCB widget (contributed by Whiler).
    – Bug fix: Reset post counter for the selected post links from the Statistics page did not work. It is fixed now.
  • 1.4.1 = 28.11.2009
    – Shortcode [thankyou] functionality is extended. You can include custom button caption to this shortcode optionally, e.g. [thankyou]YourCustomCaptionHere[/thankyou].
    – Bug fix: It concerned those only who showed more than one thanks button for post. In that case the only first button from that buttons set was updated without page refresh after visitor’s click.
  • 1.4 = 27.11.2009
    – Settings screen update 1: Live preview of the button and its caption style changes at the same Settings tab is realized. Every change if text, CSS styles, button size is immediately displayed in your browser.
    – Settings screen update 2: Two checkboxes added for more advanced management of button position for the multi-paged posts. You can now select where to show buttons: before – before 1st page only or before every page, after – after last page only or after every page of the multi-paged post.
    – Settings screen update 2: Two new buttons added into the Misc section: “Return to Defaults” – reset all settings to its default values, “Reset Counters” – reset on thanks counters for all post to the 0.
    – Statistics tab – Link to reset selected post thanks counter is added. Action is realised with AJAX use. Link to edit selected post is added.
    – You can show total quant of thanks now at the admin dashboard and sidebars widgets. Just check the correspondent checkbox in the widget parameters.
    – Shortcode [thanks_total_quant] is added. You can use it in your post to show the total quant of thanks visitor sent to your blog.
    – Slider control was added to the admin dashboard TYCB widget in order to help you change rows quant to show.
    – Minor fix to show ‘Thanks CB’ menu in the front-end ‘Settings’ menu with WordPress Admin Bar plugin, if it is installed and activated on your blog.
  • 1.3.01 = 18.11.2009
    – Testing ‘Thank You Counter Button’ plugin with WordPress MU is finished. We are proud to declare that plugin works with WP MU too.
    – Button was not displayed on the Home page inside the post’s excerpts for the multi-paged posts if button position was set to the ‘After’ only. This bug is fixed now.
    – Due to conflict with some other plugins are installed PHP warning message about problem with PHP session start was shown on the plugin Setting page. That warning (if exists) is hidden now.
    – Some typos are corrected in readme.txt file. Possibly new mistakes were added :), so do not hesitate to correct me, if typos still exist in this text or in the plugin text labels.
  • 1.3 = 16.11.2009
    – Thanks Stat sidebar widget: the latest or the most thanked post titles with total thanks quant on your blog sidebar. Select yourself what to show via widget settings. Widget has its content filter hook ‘thanks_stat_sidebar’.
    – Dashboard statistics widget (the latest or the most thanked post titles with total thanks quant): minor CSS fix, link to the Full Statistics page is added, use widget control panel to configer its presentation. Widget has its content filter hook ‘thanks_stat_dashboard’ now.
    – Thank You Counter Button has filter hook ‘thanks_thankyou_button’ for its button html code now.
    – Settings link is added to the TYCB plugin actions list at the Plugins page;
    – Button exclusion shortcode [nothankyou] is added. When this shortcode is included to the post text ‘Thank You’ button is not shown for this post.
    – Button position control at the plugin Settings page is changed to the list of checkboxes. So you can use those positions together not on the alternate base only as earlier.
  • 1.2.01 = 10.11.2009
    – bug when thanks send date and time was not updated is fixed;
    – minor fixes for the translation files.
  • 1.2. = 08.11.2009
    – plugin menu item under WordPress ‘Settings’ menu was renamed to ‘Thanks CB’ (abbreviation from ‘Thank You Counter Button’).
    – admin dashboard widget to show posts with latest thanks is added.
    – If IP-address checking is activated ‘Thank You’ button has no link for visitors who clicked it for this post already. So there are no more non-necessary requests to server.
    – There are two tabs at the plugin page: Setting and Statistics.
    1) Options to not show ‘Thank You’ button for selected categories is added to the Settings page. Just check the categories in the list for which you don’t want to show the ‘Thank You’ button.
    2) You can select from two options for IP-address checking: limit this IP forever or just on the time period in seconds you input.
    3) You can see how many ‘Thanks’ you have for every post and when last thanks for which post is left at the Statistics tab of the Settings page.
  • 1.1.01 = 01.11.2009
    – French translation for the Settings page was added.
  • 1.1 = 14.10.2009
    – Settings page interface updated. Additions: button caption text style field including text color picker, 7 new rounded corner buttons, custom button image URL field.
    – Russian and Spanish translations added.
  • 1.0.02 = 09.10.2009
    – Ajax request answer and its processing enhancement. Some hosting providers automatically adds data to every http request answer, e.g. traffic tracking javascript code, etc. In such case part of that additional code was visible on the “Thank You” button just after the “thanks” quant. Button caption and “thanks” quant is now properly tagged inside the special tags and will be shown properly.
  • 1.0.01 =
    – 08.10.2009 Position shortcode [thankyou] bug fix. I documented [thankyou] shortcode but in the code [thanksyou] string was checked. Now it is fixed. Working shortcode to place “Thank You” button in the post by the ‘shortcode’ position is [thankyou].
  • 1.0.00 = 05.10.2009
    – first release.

Plugin Content Filter Hooks

Thank You Counter Button content and widgets filter hooks are described here.

Short Codes

Short Codes for the Thank You Counter Button WordPress Plugin are described here.


– Plugin doesn’t work. What is wrong?
The most probable reason is the MySQL database permisions problem for your WordPress installation. This plugin will work properly for that WordPress installation only which has “CREATE” permission on its MySQL database. “Create” permission is needed as plugin creates two own DB tables to work with.
From version 1.6.1. plugin writes any database errors into tycb.log file at plugin folder. Look at this file for more information about your problem.

– I updated plugin to the recent version. Why does it shows button or Settings/Statistics pages wrong way.
Your browser uses old cashed version of CSS files. Please try to reload full page (use F5 or Refresh button).

– Does this plugin work with WordPress MU?
Yes, it does. Plugin is tested with WordPress MU 2.9.1. Thanks to WP MU developers. Separate tables for thanks counters are created for each blog instance where plugin is activated. Every blog has its own plugin settings to manage its presentation and behaviour.

You are welcome: contact me and ask questions, make suggestions concerning this plugin use, problems, new ideas and further development.


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