Update WordPress to version 3.6 Oscar

WordPress 3.6 Oscar

WordPress 3.6 Oscar

WordPress Version 3.6, named for Oscar Peterson was released to public at August 1, 2013. As always it is available for download from wordpress.org. It is declared as the enhancement and bug-fix release. In short the enhancements are:
1. New default “Twenty thirteen” theme.
2. Various admin back-end enhancements, like menus UI improvements, revisions revised to be more dynamic and scalable, autosave and post locking, preview audio and video on media edit screen, in-line login following expired sessions.
3. Delicious for developers: external libraries have been updated. More info new audio/video APIs give developers access to powerful media metadata, like ID3 tags. Filters for revisions, allowing you to set the number of revisions ad hoc instead of only via a define. More info semantic markup allows themes to chose improved HTML5 markup for comment forms, search forms, and comment lists. Search content for shortcodes with has_shortcode() and adjust shortcode attributes with a new filter.
Interested? Read full post for more info.

Look this video that shows off some of the features:

Source of the information: Codex page.

Are you new to WordPress and have not decision is this software right for you? Look this “State of the Word 2013” and “Q&A” videos from Matt Mullenweg, WordPress cofounder and project lead.

Are you still not sure? Look on the data below to familiarize yourself better with niche WordPress takes in the present Internet world.

WordPress Infographic For 2013

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