User Role Editor 3.1 Beta

User Role Editor

User Role Editor

User Role Editor WordPress plugin version 3.1 is ready for beta testing. You are welcome! What new things are added to plugin functionality:
– add new capability box;
– delete unused capability (except core WordPress capabilities) box;
– assign capabilities direct to user additionally to the role assigned to him;
– minor bugs and compatibility with other plugins fixes.
I plan to publish it at plugins repository in a week or two period of beta testing.

Press ‘Download’ button below to get User Role Editor WordPress plugin v. 3.1 for tests


Add/Remove capability boxes looks like

User Role Editor Boxes

User Role Editor Additional Functional Boxes

To edit selected user capabilities click ‘Capabilities’ link in the general users list:
User Capabilities Editor Link

User Capabilities Editor Link

You can change role assigned to the user and add remove capabilities beyond the assigned role:
User Capabilities Editor

User Capabilities Editor

Capabilities from assigned role are disabled. Check/Uncheck others to add/remove capabilities directly to the user.

A lot of text changed or added to the code. Thus, there is a work for you, dear translator. Help to make this plugin really multilanguage. Translation .po file is included into plugin installation package. Thanks in advance for your help.

Please send comments to this post to show me bugs if you discover any :).

Beta testing is finished. Version 3.1 is published. Please use it instead of this Beta. User Role Editor WordPress Plugin

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