User Role Editor WordPress plugin version 3.4

User Role Editor v. 3.4

User Role Editor v. 3.4

User Role Editor WordPress plugin v. 3.4 is published.
What’s new in this version? I got feature request from one user about ability to edit “Administrator” role. Sometimes plugins or themes add its own capabilities to other (may be its own) roles, not to administrator. Thus, you may meet with situation, when some user can do more, than blog admin. That’s not so good.
Starting from version 3.4. you can turn on missed user capabilities for Administrator role. This feature is turned off by default. In order to turn it on, you should edit your blog wp-config.php file and add this line of code there:

define('URE_SHOW_ADMIN_ROLE', 1);

That’s all. Login to your blog with administrator role and edit it with User Role Editor plugin help. Administrator role is still not available to users with all other roles and capabilities.

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