View own posts media only WordPress Plugin

View own posts and media only

View own posts and media only

If your blog has multiple authors, you may wish to show for every author just her own posts only at admin back-end. What’s about to hide from them Media Library items, which were uploaded by other authors?
Existing WordPress permissions system doesn’t allow to realize such model. Yes, WordPress prohibits author to edit or delete posts and items of other authors, but she still see all that stuff. It’s slightly inconvenient, isn’t it?
“View Own Posts Media Only” WordPress plugin includes a set of useful hacks (don’t panic that’s just a legal code snippets, nothing from the dark territory of hackers, crackers and other malware manufactures) to offer you desired features, I wrote above.

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As additional options plugin may automatically select “Uploaded to this post” item from drop-down list at Insert Media – Media Library dialog and hide this drop-down menu for all users except Administrator and Editor, or other words user with ‘edit_other_posts’ capability.

View own posts media only plugin options

View own posts media only plugin options

Special Thanks

– Main part of the code is taken from StackExchange. Thanks to Paul for ideas and code samples.
designlabcph – thanks for ideas and help with code snippets searching. From the begin I plan to make plugin work in silence, without any options. After this discussion plugin got additional functionality and options page was appeared.

Change Log

If you have any feedback about this plugin, you are welcome!

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