WordPress 3.2 – it’s time to update

Welcome WordPress 3.2

Welcome WordPress 3.2

July 4th, 2011 WordPress official site announced that WordPress version 3.2 is available for downloads and automatic update directly from older WordPress installations. If you hear somewhere “George Gershwin”, it is not only famous composer and pianist name now. It is name of person whom WordPress 3.2 release is devoted :). What new features can we find in WordPress 3.2? There are a lot of posts on the Net about it already. WordPress 3.2 was available for public preview in betas and release candidates about a month and we have enough time to become familiar with it already. But one deal to test something somewhere and fully another deal to have it working in production. Amazing thing! In short new features of WordPress 3.2 are: performance improvements, distraction-free writing (full screen post editor regime), admin UI refresh, new default Twenty Eleven theme, WordPress said goodbye to old browsers, e.g. IE 6.0, you can find more links in the admin toolbar.
From the technical side please be aware before trying to update: WordPress has new minimum system requirements:
PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. PHP4 is not supported anymore.
It is better 1 time to see than 100 times to hear. So please look this advertisement video prepared for us by WordPress team:

Abby Johnson from WebProNews posted an interview with Matt Mullenweg about the philosophy and thinking behind the WordPress 3.2 release. It is available in video form also:

ShinePHP.com is running on WordPress 3.2 now. Update process is smooth, smart and problem-less.

Are you plan to update your current WordPress version to 3.2 in the nearest future? Do you have problem with PHP >5.2.4 and MySQL >5.0 with your current hosting provider?