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thank you counter button wordpress plugin

thank you counter button

This is the visitor’s “Thank you” or “I like it” clicks counter. Every time a new visitor clicks the “Thank you” button one point is added to the total “thanks” counter for this post. Plugin uses AJAX to send data to the server and get it back. So no page reload is required. The plugin stores its counters in its own MySQL table. Only one “thanks” for the same IP-address can be permitted. Plugin can skip all further “Thank you” clicks from that IP-address once it is automatically registered. Total quant of thanks is displayed on the button just to the right from the click invitation text. Invitation text is ‘Thank You’ by default, but it can be changed at the plugin Settings page. Plugin has wide range of options to customize its behaviour and presentation. Live preview will help to select more suitable style.

Plugin has Statistics data table which shows posts list with total thanks quant for every post and time of the latest thank. Rows in the table can be filtered by posting month, category, can be sorted by thanks quant or time of latest thank in the descending or ascending order. Selected post can be viewed or edit directly from this table.

Admin dashboard and sidebar widgets with list of latest thanked or the largests thanked posts (between 3 and 15) are available. Total quant of thanks can be shown. Use widgets control panels to change settings according to your preferences.

The set of shortcodes and content filters is available for this plugin.

Thank You Counter Button has been granted the “Editor’s Pick Award” by Thank You Counter Button Famous Software Award.
The latest version: 1.9.2. Click the Download button below if you wish to try it.
Quant of downloads: 44481
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Installation procedure:

Attention! This plugin will work properly for that WordPress installation only which has “CREATE” permission on its MySQL database. “Create” permission is needed as plugin creates two own DB tables to work with.
1. Deactivate plugin if you have the previous version installed.
2. Extract “” file archive content to the “/wp-content/plugins/thanks-you-counter-button” directory.
3. Activate “Thank You Counter Button” plugin via ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin back-end.
4. Go to the “Settings”-“Thanks CB” menu item and check/change your preferences to customize how this plugin will work for you.
5. Use “Tools – TYCB Statistics” menu item to analyze how many thanks you get per post, who and from where left them.
6. Use “Appearance – Widgets” menu item to add “Thank You Counter Button” plugin’s widgets to your site.

Settings page

Thank you counter button settings page

Thank You Counter Button Settings page

  • Display
    Display button at Pages: if it is checked, then shows counter button at the WordPress Pages. If this checkbox is not checked then button is not shown on the Pages.
    Display button at Home page: if this checkbox is checked then counter button is shown for every post at the Home page.
    If both Display checkboxes is not checked then counter button is shown for the single post pages only.
    Do not show button for selected categories: check this checbox and select in opened categories list categories for which you don’t want to show ‘Thank You’ Button.
  • Position in the Post text – these controls allow you to customize the place where click counter button to show in relation to the post content: before, after, shortcode and manual.
    Before: Do you wish to place ‘Thank You’ button before post text? Check ‘Before’. Additional option ‘At first page of multipaged posts only’ will appear on the screen then. If you write multi-paged posts, you have the next variants: 1) show button at every page, 2) show button at the 1st page of multi-paged post only. That second checkbox to the right from ‘Before’ one serves for that purpose.
    After: The same is valid for the ‘After’ checkbox with the difference only that second checkbox is ‘At last page of multipaged posts only’.
    Shortcode [thankyou]: You can place it in any place inside the post content and you will see thanks counter button there.
    Manual: This option allows to hard code counter button somewhere in your blog theme – place thanks_button() function call for that in one of your theme files. For example,

     <?php echo thanks_button('Thank You', true); ?>

    thanks_button() function returns html code for the button as the string. How to use it (make echo or concatenate it with other content, etc.), it is your decision as the theme developer. You can to call thanks_button() inside the posts loop with second parameter set to false to use $post->ID for its work. It works inside of pages too. If second parameter set to true then you get global for the whole site thanks counter with ID=0.

  • Button Caption – it is ‘Thank You’ by default. You can put you favorite words here, e.g. ‘I Like It’, etc. and it will show that text at the counter button.
  • Button Styling
    Add style to div: put CSS code to align button properly (left, right or center). Save settings and see how it will be looked right here at the div style preview section at the bottom of the Settings page.
    button div style preview

    button div style preview

    to the caption font: add CSS for the font family, size, weight selection. You can put font color manually into CSS input field or use the nice color picker, just click on the color circle icon. After you finish edit CSS code click anywhere on screen beyond CSS input field and you will see the visual change as the result of your input immediately.
  • SizeNormal is 120 px width and 40 px height button, Compact is 100x26px button. Change in this option dynamically changes button images which are shown below.
  • Form and Color – You can select from the several predefined colors and forms variants for your blog thanks button. Select one which the most suitable for your theme colors.
  • Custom button image URL – turn on this check box if you prefer to use your own button image. Input the full URL into correspondent text input field, input height and width for your button also.
  • Check IP-address – If this checkbox is turned on then only one point can be added from the unique IP-address if additionally ‘forever’ time limit option is selected. If ‘Only for this period’ time limit option is selected than visitor from that IP can vote again after time in seconds you input will be elapsed.
    If ‘Check IP-address’ checkbox is turned off then IP-address is not controled and visitor can click the button and raise its counter without any limits.
  • Add shortcuts to the buttons for settings quick access – if turned on (checked) shows three shortcuts links (icons) to the right from the “Thank You” button:
    1) Settings “Settings” – lead you to the “Settings page of the TYCB plugin”;
    2) detailed statistics “View statistics details for the post” – shows table with last 35 IP-addresses from which visitors who clicked “Thank You” button came from. Every IP address is linked to the service page where you can see Country, Region and City of that IP (or any custom input IP) address;
    3) hide shorcuts “Hide this shorcuts” – hides shortcuts icons from the all visible “Thank You” buttons. In order show those shortcuts again you need to check (turn on) corresponding checkbox at the plugin Settings page

data reset buttons ‘Return to Defaults’ button from the Misc section allows automatically return all options to its default values. ‘Reset Counters’ button allows to clear all counters for all posts with all click history together. Be carefull when press this button, you can lose the valuable data if you will act without care.

Statistics page

Click “Tools – TYCB Statistics” menu item to open “Thank You Counter Button” plugin Statistics page. There you can check how many thanks and when they were left by your blog visitors. Filtering by post dates, categories and sorting by thanks quant, date-time, paging are available. One click GEO IP (where your visitor from) service from is available at statistics details page.

Thank You Counter Button Statistics page

Thank You Counter Button Statistics page

Post Detailed Stat

Post Detailed Stat

With click on the IP-address or the special link under it You can see, from which IP “thanks” for that post were left and from what country, region, city that IP came from.


thank you counter button admin dashboard widget

thank you counter button admin dashboard widget

With widgets you can see yourself (admin dashboard widget) and show to your blog visitors (look on the sidebar widgets to the right) current information about the most thanked or latest thanked post, including the total quant of thanks information.

Admin dashboard widget control panel can be opened by click on the “Configure” link at the right top corner of the widget title bar.
Sidebar widget can be configured via standard WordPress widget configuration panel at the widgets sidebar. Use own CSS (insert it into your theme style.css file) to customize widget appearance and make it more attractive. Available widget CSS classes (thanks_quant_for_post, thanks_total_quant_label, thanks_total_quant_value) are shown at the image below:

Thanks Widget CSS

Thanks Widget CSS

It is continued on the next page

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  • Could you help me to display the thumbnail image on TYCB widget please?

  • Do we talk about post featured image or about any 1st image found at post content?

  • Melbourne

    I am trying to use this for the comments but no luck so far. I can’t or I didn’t find how yet?

  • Yes, you can not. Plugin works for posts and pages only. Thanks for idea where to extend plugin functionality.

  • It is limitation of current version of User Role Editor. I plan to add separate field for role name in the next version (May, 2013).

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will think. May be I will add the shortcode for that.

  • Cheryl

    Excellent plug-in! When I hover over the “thanks” box, it says “click to LEFT thanks for this post”. First, it should say “leave” instead of “left”. Secondly, I changed thanks to “Respect”. How do I change the wording inside the hover box?

  • Thanks for the help. I will update that text according to the correct grammar.
    You may find it to replace with your own at file thankyou.php, line #234

  • yuck_foo

    Hi, when someone clicks the button on one post, it adds 1 ‘thank you’ to all posts. So all posts all have the same amount of ‘thank you’s. Any ideas? Thank you

  • Hi,
    Send me URL to see this in action.

  • yuck_foo
  • I do not see ‘Thank you’ buttons there.

  • yuck_foo

    coder before me changed it to ‘XoXo – Love’.

  • Button is placed beyond the post content. This way it is related to the whole blog with id=0. Try to remove this shortcode (I suppose it is included directly into theme file) and user plugin Settings page to include the button into posts and show it at blog Home page. As it was done here at

  • yuck_foo

    Makes perfect sense, not sure what the guy who installed it was trying to accomplish. Works great now, thanks!

  • Thanks for letting me know.

  • brock

    i cant find the button?where is it

  • Check the plugin settings page, if you turned on needed controls to show button at your posts or pages.

  • Kaylee

    Hello there,

    I installed a Thank You button, but it doesn’t seem to work. It just doesn’t increment at all when clicked on. I also don’t see a tycb.log file anywhere in my Plugins folder to try to figure out what the problem is. Is there any chance that you could help? The button is here:

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Kaylee,

    JavaScript form TYCB plugin was not loaded at this page. I see you use “WP-Super-Cache” plugin. Try to clear page cache. In order cache plugin rebuild this page taking into account TYCB plugin stuff.


  • t.momo

    Can this plugin use multisite?

  • This plugin works at WordPress multisite the same way as for the single site. It should be configured separately at every single site and shows statistics for the selected single site.

  • Bob

    Is there a way to have more than one button?

  • No. This plugin allows to configure the only kind of button.

  • How can we show who Click the thank you Button I mean to say User/Guest on the page

  • pointsofview

    How can I change my mysql data base to have “CREATE” permission? Ive set it all up only then reading about the requirement…hopefully I dont need to redo the whole site with a new install…

  • If you installed WordPress and possibly TYCB plugin, then your database user has this privilege already. It is right for the most of cases.

  • pointsofview

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Ive created a wordpress site and already added the TYCB plugin and set it up but the numbers are not working, so only then I read about the CREATE requirement…so I dont have the CREATE privilage.. what would be the easiest way for me to fix this– is it possible to do so through the wp-config file? or do I need ot go to mySql and dig there and if so, where?

  • It is for other reason definitely. Without ‘create’ privilege you could not install WordPress and DB tables are created during its installation.
    There are some conflict with plugins or theme possibly. Check browser JavaScript console for the error messages. Show it, if you find one.

  • pointsofview

    thanks again– this is the error I get in the javascript console- what do you think is wrong?

  • pointsofview
  • Thanks. The problem that JavaScript code from TYCB plugin was not loaded.
    Do you use a shortcode to show a button inside a post?
    Please show me a screenshot of the TYCB plugin Setting page.

  • pointsofview

    Yes, Im using a shortcode as I want it to display only in the home page. I also tried different variations but none seems to work. I hope there is a way to make it work as I really like this plugin πŸ™‚ any help would be appreciated !

  • Settings are correct. I found main error, which you did not show:
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

    What version of TYCB plugin do you use? The latest version 4.19 should load this file from the ‘js’ subfolder (thanks-you-counter-button/js/thankyou.js), not from the plugin root folder. Try to clear page cache if you use any caching plugin.

  • pointsofview

    strange.. I do have the latest version Version 1.9 – as I just installed it fresh this week… i’ve emptied the cache and cleared browser and still nothing changes.. Ill try to reinstall it and see, otherwise– what else should I do?

  • If that will not help, let me test your theme at my test site. If it’s free send me its download link. If it’s a paid product send installation package .zip to vladimir [at-sign]

  • pointsofview

    Thanks for looking into that πŸ™‚ the Theme is Edin, its free, info here–

    Thanks !

  • I repeated this issue at my own test site. Thanks. I will contact you when I will prepare a fix for it.

  • pointsofview

    Thanks, keep me posted !

  • Try updated version 1.9.1

  • pointsofview

    It works !!!! at first with just an update it didn’t work but i reinstalled it and VOILA ~! you are the best, thanks !!!

  • Excellent! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi, it stopped working (doesn’t appear in the widgets list) after I upgraded to wordpress 4.3–en_GB. Any idea what went wrong?

  • Hi Lucia,

    Thanks for the information. I will try to return with a solution ASAP.

  • Lucia,
    Update to the version 1.9.2, which fixed this issue.